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Now Joe Biden, Joe Manchin Last night, former governor, West Virginia Senator from West Virginia. Maybe the last again talk about having power last best chance to avoid that. 3.54 point 15 point whatever trillion dollar so called infrastructure package. Here's what she had to say on the subject last night, it's one thing to make a promise on the election trail and Well, of course, another one to keep that promise when the entire Democratic establishment is pressed new to betray your constituents, So we have to ask. Will mansion hold? Does he surrender to Pelosi and Schumer? We break faith with the good people of West Virginia. And then vote yes to help AOC and company move us closer to socialism, Or does he do the right thing and put the interests of his constituents and all Americans ahead of the hard left? Does he side of the squad? The rest of the radicals who hate this country? Or will he listened to the people of West Virginia? Biden's crazy dream of creating new entitlements? Turning America into a left wing catastrophe has to be stopped. The people of West Virginia didn't vote for Joe Biden or Pelosi or Schumer. They voted for mansion and he promised that he'd fight for West Virginians. So now is the time kill this nutty bill once and for all. Let's start working on rebuilding the country. We love not continuing Biden's disaster movie. Well, we know what he's done. In the past, he has capitulated. Yeah, he does. Or if he holds firm, it's because there's enough votes that he gives him cover. You know, the Democrats can go ahead and run it through anyway. He may not have a lot of votes in the Senate. But there are plenty of people in the house so called centrist Democrats who are saying they don't want to vote for it either. So maybe maybe there is enough cover. We'll see. Hey, coming up. Brian Montgomery, director of presidential advance under George W. Bush. He was there at the White House 2001 through 2003. He was with President Bush when he got the news. On 9 11. So we'll talk to him about all that. Next first, though, we've got traffic and weather together, starting with sky, Mike. All right, Uh, what a morning Katy Freeway inbound Campbell Road that is a stalled truck. It's the left line of the manage lines. Main lines are actually okay for now, but there's some flashy lights, so that will distract some of us. Well, you've got the sun in your eyes now. So advisors, you've got an extra five or six minutes on the inbound. Most of your brake lights hit right around Taylor Street off the ramps from Grand Parkway. If you're trying to get through Katie Grand Parkway ramps to the Katy Freeway, right where you enter, That's a reported wreck. And you can see those backups from those of you trying to go northbound and southbound on 99 Grand Parkway. Also over our shoulder. We have this road work at Bridge Lynn Creek. Parkway and northbound and, um, that's just one lane. I'm sky Mike from the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 Hour Traffic Center from our ktrh Top Tax Defenders 24 Hour Weather Center Today Partly cloudy 92 Sunny tomorrow 91. Whether starts to change Sunday afternoon will be in the mid eighties. Thunderstorms are likely and then heavy rain possible.

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