South Korea, Press Secretary, Kim Jong discussed on 24 Hour News


A worker at wendy's found fifteen hundred dollars in cash that an elderly couple had left at a purse hanging on the back of a chair nineteen year old matt curtain didn't keep it he returns the purse and the money to france's and peggy who manic who had already left and drove eighty miles away to their home it is that he found the purse while cleaning tables monday at wendy's restaurant in fort pierce florida he told the sunsentinel that he followed store policy and didn't open the purse before handing it over to the restaurant manager the he managed it notice that the person was gone until they got to their home in boca raton when they found out it was safe they drove back to wendy's and gave cureton a one hundred dollar reward in order to resolve the north korean nuclear standoff south korea's president says he's willing to meet with the north korean leader kim jong own on tuesday north korea agreed to send a delegation to the winter olympic games in south korea next month and both sides agreed to hold talks on reducing tensions along their border since having held their first highlevel talks in two years south korean president moon jae in says he's opened a meeting with kim but says the success of such a summit must be guaranteed for the president's acclaimed daca bill embraces several other immigration issues ap correspondent worn levinson reports the president insists he wants to solve the problem of some seven hundred thousand people brought to the united states his children but despite a looming deadline for them he doesn't want to build it addresses that alone press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the white house is pressing for action on border security including wall family migration and an immigration lottery as well you want to make sure that if you fix things on gotta you don't create an exacerbate the problem and have to deal with it again in a year the protections begun by president obama but cancelled by trump expire in march i'm more levinson progressive presents yet problems inspiration.

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