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Over the coming weeks. We hope to have a little more clarity about potential timing of potential returns. Which would influence those talks. Obviously, if we get bad news anywhere along the line that you know, might move something up position of need up the list. But for now, we're going to continue to engage in talks about what we've identified as the likely areas that we need to improve and then see you see where it lives. That is one Rick Hahn executive vice president, general manager. Chicago White Sox after another devastating injury. This time, the nick Madrigal. He is done, probably for the year with a torn hamstring and I was telling you this morning and Not saying they're the same exact person of the same exact injury. But Carlos Carrasco, whose older he's 32 versus 24 25, he tore it at the end of spring training. They don't expect him back until the end of July. If there even remotely close. So that's what a four month injury at least and he didn't have surgery. Carrasco We're talking about. End of July, August, September October, he's done He's done for the year, at least from my standpoint, because when I saw the report was thinking, Okay, maybe 10, maybe a little 60 like, Oh, jeez. And when you see him, go down the first baseline and look that serious at first, right and just So I'm going to miss the little flea. I'm gonna get I'm going to miss him. I don't want miss his glove. But I will miss how opportunistic he is. Offensively the way he's able to hidden angles for a little guy like that. We're able to spray the ball and can't come up with a comp to him like Brett Butler. Maybe. Little guys that could be able to spray the ball right. But he has a little pop in his bat. Yeah, he does not saying he's a home run guy, But there's a little pop in his bat here is Rick Hahn. How long can your team survive all of these massive injuries? What we're dealing with here is the first place team. That has overcome numerous challenges already this season. We've seen various guys step up with the opportunities they've been provided over the four first 10 weeks or so of this season. And over the next several weeks, we're going to have more opportunities for other players internally to be given the opportunity to step up and help us stay afloat, if not ideally expand our our lead in the division. You know, with regards to some of the other things that we've had to endure. There remains optimism that some of these players will return at some point over the course of the season, so we're going to potentially have some help from our own guys internally who are going to get additional opportunity. I'm going to potentially have help from some injured players returning and obviously, we could well have an interesting next few months later up to the trade deadline based on where our needs said at that time, So, uh, it's hard for me to be anything but extremely pleased with how the team has responded thus far, too challenges like this one. Obviously, you don't want to keeping these on top of each other and creating additional challenges. But there's one thing this team has shown over the last several months as its resiliency a lot of resolve from the White Sox. I like Recon recon. You don't want to play cards with Rickon. You don't want to play cards with him because he's always gonna have the same face, he says stuff and then he didn't say anything at the same time, but there's always meet there on the bone. If you listen very closely to lean in a little bit like Rick, what is Rick saying to lean in a little bit right with because I know what he's talking about, he says were first place team. It sounds like the White Sox will try to add on no doubt if they can hear by the deadline. And so along with this, as Tony LaRussa learns his team, perfect example is last night, right? So the White Sox win five to I was very comfortable watching the game because you get a home run from Grand Allah off the bat against New age. David Wells, re you on the mountain is really good. Oh, yeah? Yeah, the big guy up there. He looks like David Wells and I'm like little portly. Yeah, I like it. As the big guy can still get it done. Give it to you every morning every morning Nonetheless, unless I liked what I saw there, Michael gave you equality as a starter. Give you six innings and eight strikeouts. I like that. But here's the Russo Let me give him credit. Write. Write this down a little credit. So it's the left hander for Toronto and you see the White Sox again tinkering with the lineup. They move Mercedes all the way up to number two against the lefty as it does it. Pay dividends. Yes, two for four with a run. Mercedes. Probably should believe me in the middle. The lineup every night. Wasn't up to two Anderson Mercedes Moncada. I'll break you in the cleanup and grand dog coming through. He continues his trying to figure out what works and does not work. He's East again. He's not turning the screws cap. He's tightening the screws on the White Sox correct. I was talking to Tom Ackerman, my friend from KMOX, Don at ST Louis yesterday, ST Louis ST Louis, and he said that Many times, Tony Would Look at the analytics. Yeah, I pay attention to him, but I'm not married to them. The front office may be married to those numbers. But I know Jonathan Hood is better than what you guys are telling me, the computer says, and my gut tells me I'm playing him today. Well, you need to have a sample of games to find out who can do what though That's the way that works. Any good manager to me should be able to look and say, you know, let me take a look at these numbers. Well, how does the player feel now? How to our staff field? Now, let's go move forward. You don't do it like Kevin Cash and go. Whatever you guys stay upstairs. That's what we're gonna do. That's nonsense. That ain't baseball. Baseball has to have some kind of gut feeling to me. Agreed. 3123323776 going to you. Have you have you have a medical cop? Let's talk about that We got Who does? The medical reminds you of now He's out of the lineup. Go to Mike and Oil and park. Hey, Mike, What's up Cookie? Buddy David X Tank When two World Series of Leawood Anaheim. Look at him. Look at his caps. I mean, you know, struck out like 40 45 times a year. That's a good 80 to 90 better. Uh, 150 hits a year, so go look at his camp and you'll see that he's pretty clear. It was 572. So there you go. I like that. That's a pretty good one He played for Who? Anaheim and the Cardinals. Yeah, correct. That's a good one, Mike. Thanks, man. Look it up, Mike. Thank you. A little flea that has a little pop. I like David Eckstein. That's a good name. It's a good player. Mo is in Frankfurt. Hey, Moe, what's going on? Sparkles. Captain. Hurry, Papa pump! Hey, guys, How are you? Listen, I'm going to pull a tap. And you can put the flipper sound on right now because I was really against Tony LaRussa a couple weeks ago. But I think that.

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