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Kelly will be sworn in as Arizona's new This U. S senator today. Senior Senator Kirsten Cinema, also a Democrat, tells Katie Briers gave us and Chad she spoke to Kelly earlier this week. I'm looking forward to having a very productive relationship where we get a lot of stuff done for Arizona. Kelly swearing in ceremony is scheduled for noon. Today. He defeated Martha McSally in last month's special election for the late John McCain seat. Kelly will have to run again in two years. The last two years Senator make Sally has held a seat formerly occupied by our dear friend John McCain's Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, with some parting words for Martha McSally on her final day in the Senate, it's only fitting that our maverick was followed by a fellow veteran and pilot. His approach her service to the people of Arizona with such unabashed pride make Sally took office in January. 2019 after being appointed by Governor Do C to fill McCain state The voters spoke now. Recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona. But where can you buy it? Existing medical dispensaries will be the only one selling recreational E CEO of Harvest Health and Recreation. A multi state cannabis operator based in Arizona. Steve White says it's designed to keep the black market out of the game using the existing infrastructure for the medical program allow us to see sales in the state of Arizona faster than any other state in the country, with the gradual rollout intended white estimates about 120 dispensaries in Arizona. Selling by April. No pun intended, it will grow over time. You'll see roughly the same number of recreational selling dispensaries as you will talk about Sally Ventnor, Katya our news, Katya, our eyes on education. The Arizona Progress meter, said various education goals for Arizona to reach by 2030. It's still too early to know how the pandemic impacted. Some of those like Third grade reading and eighth grade math since there was no statewide testing last school year. I really do think starting this year we're going to get a sense of where we're resetting based on the impacts of the pandemic. Christine Thompson would expect more. Arizona, which came up with the progress meter is concerned about this year's high school graduation rates and college enrollment. And she also worries that achievement gaps will ryden A T A r news time coming up on 7 37. Thanks, Jamie. Let's get back to detour.

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