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Sir. Yes. Hashtag Joschka side while I didn't know it was getting a theme song. Yes. Yes. I apologize to all the people that turn it off at the time of the one-off. That's a little bit of a sneak attack want off from DJ Figueroa mcnicoll or Jessica lease, man. That's fantastic. Thank you figure on mcnicoll. Okay. Just how are you? I my life is enriched by the fact that I got my own theme song. Once upon a time shut up Tim did one. Also, he did his was just like screaming my name over and over over the amazing race meet song. Yes. So Jessica, and I are podcasting here for the second time in twenty four hours after we recapped this week's episode of the Walking Dead over on post show recaps. But now time to talk some survivor here in the wiggle room. Jess, yes. I have just boobed all my stuff into the wiggle room and stuff all my stuff. And I've just decided I'm going to camp out here until Josh gets back. Okay. All right. Josh Wigley should be back with us on next week as we recap the double episode, but a lot of stuff to discuss post. Swap and Jess if I'm not mistaken is this the first podcasting you've done getting to talk about season thirty eight of survivor. That's right. It's the first time I've gotten to really talk to anybody actually anybody at all. About this about this season. Okay. All right. So just excited to get into everything today. We had a lot of podcasts already up for the week. If you miss any of those talk to Cebu, aka Carl booed row earlier this week as well as a Brett Lebel, and then we had this week in survivor featuring Mary quick Caskey as well this week. In addition to the survivor note, also a lot of stuff we're going to close out the survivor week today and get into everything for the week forty one off year with Jessica lease. Oh, Jess survivor edge of extinction for weeks in. How are you feeling? I'm enjoying it. I think I feel like I say this every season. Now, I enjoying this more than I thought I was going to why do I come in? So so bearish on everything. Well, I think that we. Hear about the twists. And I do think that we are mind goes to how terrible they are. I mean this season in particular in this twist, you know, the survivor rumor mill gets going, and it was like shortly after these survivor players left there with like the season theme had been leaked and immediately the gut reaction was oh my God. This is the worst thing ever. They just you know survivor is ruined. And this is going to be terrible. We have you know, a year March to this point. And I usually try to at least they let's hold on. Let's let's wait for things to be bad before we start to complain that. I don't like preemptive complaining that is entirely fair. Yeah. I would say I think some of the concerns I had coming into. It are definitely valid and have definitely bore. In out, but some of them, it's really hasn't been an issue of and. And it's just a. Don't get it. Twisted. You know, we're not out of the woods. Okay. So when we have something complain about we should complain. Sure. I don't think we should be holding back on it. Just because some of it is better than we thought. It was going to be. Yeah. So there are there's another shoe potentially to drop maybe two shoes to drop, and we'll you know, we'll react accordingly as it plays out. But we really don't know exactly how this is all going on fault. No, I guess not lot is going to hinge. I think on how they go about bringing someone back into the game as it could be very anticlimactic, and thus very disappointing. Or it could be it could come about in a way that feels very unnatural to the show. And that would also be very unsatisfying. It's also I think a big question of who that the person who comes back into the game. At the merge in these seasons, while Pearl islands is probably the exception where both Lil and Burton go pretty far into the game in redemption island..

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