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To wait too long, so they wait for the cat to come home. As opposed to going out and looking quickly. Now, what about, what about stuff like catnip? I mean, if you're giving you cat catnip a lot and your cat's feeling all good and all that, even if he escapes what he stayed closer to the house because he's getting his fix. I like your questions. Your auditory catnip yourself. I would say that certainly catnip can for some cats can increase arousal and be more likely to run outside. I love that auditory cat and if that's what we're going to call you. Doctor Italy Weiss, thank you so much for joining us. We can learn more over at the website at WWW dot ASPCA dot org first doing some great work. Hey, Eric and rasche here hosts of the CBS TV series lucky dog. We're also the spokespeople for the 14th annual get your licks on route 66 pet adoption tour brought to you by fido friendly magazine. The tour travels from Los Angeles to Chicago, stopping at shelters along the way to support adoption events. Join us in show sponsor Chewy at the tour's kick-off event on Saturday, August 27th, where lots of great pets will be available for adoption. To find out where the tour stops near you, log on to phyto friendly dot com, and who knows? You just might find your new forever friend. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Hey Kathy, how you doing? I'm real good. How about yourself? Well, I'm hoping your animal's okay. Well, she is and she isn't. What's going on? Well, let's hear about it. Okay, she's one year old and she is speed. Her name is destiny. And she started having problems when she would go in the litter pan to have a bowel movement. She would come shooting out and kind of drag her rear end on the floor a little bit. And we thought at first, maybe she had a hair because sometimes you know that it gets stuck and all that. But it would happen more than just once. So we took her to the vet. And the vet checked her out and said that her anal glands had fluid in them. So now she got the fluid out. And then I think she stuck her on and inflammatory for a little while. But it was like two weeks after that. Destiny would start doing this again. So now she has her on a steroid, which we are weaning her off of it. And she's also on a very bland diet because of finding out about allergies. Now, my kids said they could be something else that's causing her to have this problem. Because it's not always that the anal glands are that swollen or that filled up with fluid, but she couldn't think of it at the time. Now you're going to say, why don't I just go back to the vet? The problem with that is she just had lost her daughter, the very tragic accident. So she's taking some time off, and I don't like to disturb her, of course, with that. Okay, certainly. So now I got to ask you, Kathy. With your kitty, what was the status of the stool when she was having this problem? Was there diarrhea or constipation? Just normal. It was normal, but she was still coming running out of the poop box. Yes. Okay. All right. Because there's a lot of different things. When we're talking about something that's causing that dramatic of a situation coming out of the box, we're really going to look for anything that's causing pain. And that could be constipation, it could be diarrhea, and it can be eno gland problems. In cats, it's pretty uncommon. It can happen. But especially in a youngster like that, I'd look for some of these other potential causes. And as they're working on some of the diet management in the poops are normal, I'm really happy to hear that her stools are good. But we're going to have some challenges as far as. Now, right now, is she using the litter box? Are we having any issues with that? No, we have problems now with that. So urinate in there, but she won't have her bell movement in there. And I think she's afraid it's going to hurt if she goes in there. Absolutely. With that part either. Okay. Well, if the stool situation is improving. So that we're pooping comfortably, we're certain that she's not in discomfort. We have to deal with this litter litter box a version, which is a huge problem in calf. So if you're kitty, knows where the litter box is, uses it and stops using it all of a sudden, especially if they're urinating and defecating outside of the box, we really have to look at the situation in the litter box. Now, for your kitty, we can really pair that with something painful and uncomfortable. And cats when faced with that in the litter box will refuse to go back to that. And yeah, so we have to retrain her to the whole litter box experience. And that means we're going to start fresh. So we're going to find a new location for that litter box. We're going to add more litter boxes, and we're going to change the whole structure in the environment. So depending on what type of litter substrate you've used before, we're going to ask you to experiment with that. So if you've used scoopable, well, maybe go to clay. If you had a lid on that litter box, get that lid off and set it aside. We'll go back to that later, but initially we need to trainer without anything that's going to cause any kind of compromising of her emotional state, if you will. Okay. And then we're going to also want to make sure that we change some kitties like easy entry into litter boxes. So I may even change the shape of the litter box. You don't have to buy those silly ones at the pad store. You can make your own even out of plastic storage container trays. And those are really nice, especially for older kiddies that have trouble with missing the box because it can be a low edge. It's a pain to clean because they scoop in these scratch things out. But for the cat when we're trying to train them to make it as easy as possible, it's one other technique you can try to really make that less scary or less of an imposition for her to use that. So we've got to do all of that and do not, like I said, do not put that litter box in the same location. Just the location alone can be a very big problem for many cats. Yeah, because when she goes, it's always close to where the litter pan is. So it's like, you know, but she won't go in there. Exactly. And it's kind of like, you know, oh gosh, you know, when you go camping, you know, there are those water potties, and you just don't want to use them. Sometimes I don't know anybody who might do this and go off into the Woods and go in the Woods. Instead of using the porta potty, but it does happen. And it's the same thing that our kitties are experiencing. They want to use it. They know it's the right place, but they just can't do it. So I think you've got the right idea. We just have to get those things together to give her a new location. New whole sense of the litter box experience. And then gradually, when she starts using that, then we can try to work back to the location or the preferences you have. But we've got to set that pattern first. So what do you think could be causing the pain when she goes if her anal glands aren't always filled with fluid? Yeah, for me, I do a lot of the same approaches that your doctor has done where we change the diets. I actually gross as it says. I like evidence. And I will actually ask my clients to bring the poop in. 'cause I want to see that full movement. Sometimes there can be changes in this shape or the size of a cat stool, and that may give us some hints to some problems. If there's any kind of looseness with that, sometimes that may mean that maybe we really don't have a constipation issue. Maybe we have more of a parasite. So those type of things we might want to deal with. Okay. And it's kind of challenging. And I know you don't want to trouble your vet and you don't want to hit upon in her time of trials. But you're Katie has needs too. So I think that's a valid thing and most veterinarians have feelings or substitutes. Folks that can kind of work in their absence. And I think that would be very important for your baby. Okay. Good luck with that, Kathy. We thank you for your call. Keep us posted. If you need to

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