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I did not see that happening, and they were able to do so, uh, talking to James Rippin this morning. James with Sports illustrated and all. Bengals dot com. Ah, uh And you know the thing with the defense. Tell me, they really grant it's week. One. Um, they looked into it Looks like an entirely different squad because they were cousins all day. I think they had met. You said the penalties against the O Line alone. Kirk Cousins got sacked with three times and guys like, um, um Adobe, uh, easier and Mike Hilton look great. I mean, they just there were ball in the entire first half. They were. You know, we've seen it from him from all of camp. And it just translated right through the game, and he was right there step for step with a lot of plays Justin Jefferson, and that's the crazy part about this is what we've talked about. I'm sure you're asking me about chase at some point, but she struggles in camp. Well, Part of that is because he has made his life really, really hard and he's made it hard on him, and he's played really Well at a high level. I think he was MVP's so to speak of training camp and have one of those because of the way he played in a translated to the game we saw season against Washington and then it's certainly translated yesterday, so that doesn't bode well because Now you're talking about a secondary that if it was, you can be a legit number one corner and you have Jesse Bates in the bachelor area in the second area as well, along with the bell. And if this defensive lines getting somewhat of a push You have a pretty good group. You have a unit that you can work with. That can do some damage and that can change the game. Some so I think all you have to look at right is DJ reader. I mean, how bad a day to DJ reader have who normally doesn't have bad days. DJ reader. You just like he wanted to crawl into Iraq. You didn't think DJ reader played well? Oh, no, no No. Three, the three holding calls. What I'm saying is what he forced. All Okay? Actually. Yeah. You threw me off the holes in the two sacks. I mean, it's whether yeah, it means you know you're playing against this guy, and you're just having a bad day. Well, that's the crazy part. Two is It's not just reader, but you're right, like leader had a couple of them. Larry Ogunjobi got things started early, and he was getting a ton of push and then B. J Hill. Man. They get him in a deal for Billy Price and on paper. Great, like yeah, On paper, it felt like they won this deal. Look at what he has done. Well, he's got two sacks already Incredible 17 facts that they team last year, and they got to from their defensive tackle. That wasn't on the team two weeks ago, So those are the three That, you know, Reader, Okonjo, Vinnie and Hill. That is like man, that trio that's going to make it tough on opposing offense. That wasn't steel. Yeah, we're gonna have Mendelssohn's be happy, Billy Price we got. I don't know. A couple kicking tees a Gatorade bottle in like a Cockney crate. Great. Done. Yeah, I think the Giants are I don't know about kicking themselves because they, you know they were deep at defensive line, but the probably kicking themselves, um All right. So let's mom switch it up here to the defense. Absolutely spectacular. Jamaar Chase, of course, had his problems with drops in the preseason. That was, you know, he had a couple of couple targets didn't go his way. But You're finished with 100 yards and a touchdown. Pretty damn good. Very good. It's exactly why they drafted him. You know, to make those plays to be that game changer to lead the team in receiving on any given week and especially in the second half when he Higgins They be almost some cramp issues and not able to be out there playing and play out where you still want the offense to function at a high level, and exactly what it did was your mom. He's uh He looked apart. I mean, he's going up against Patrick Peterson. And you know a lot of the game, and when he wasn't getting targeted, he was blocking in the run game, And then he beats shock breathing for that 50 yarder, and I think it was just Catching one ball and it was that little outrun. He got that out route. Um, and he had two catches by the way in the Bengals first scoring drive That pretty hard past that to tee Higgins. Help get things going. And then right back at it a few minutes later with that 50 yarder, and I don't know what did you see that LSE tweet, But no, I think that they think up the touchdown pass from birth to chase from yesterday. To the one in the national championship game in 2020 against Clemson, and they look almost identical. It's It's a really cool. Um, Yeah, Okay, then. Now you know, we can't give it a positive because we're talking about the banks. The concern is how much concern is areas burrows here. What, five times? Um I think it's seven times that's got to be somewhat concerned. Now granted, you know you've got some new pieces in there. I watch the watch The Steelers dismantle my bills. Bills look terrible more on that in just a second. Um, but they've got an entirely new lines save one player and they look great. So you can't just say yeah. You know, we got to get a gotta get some chemistry here together. You've been playing the entire preseason What gives on the line? Well, I think it was partially the offensive line, but I don't think it was on the offensive line Would Trey Hopkins Got beat pretty bad twice, where where Borough got crushed, And so those are obvious ones, But it doesn't take an offensive line expert or an analyst to point those out to anybody that being said, I think there were times Remember was not miscommunication but mysteries and that could be on burrow where you don't know where the blitz is necessarily coming from because of how large disguise that where the pressure is coming from because of Mike Dimmers defense and it is confusing and I'm sure there were some times where we took a hit. I'm not saying three of the facts on borough or anything, You know his fault, but there might be a time or two, where he's under pressure quicker than he realizes. Because of the check. He made it at the line of scrimmage, so we'll see. But no, I agree with you. Five sacks is unacceptable. It can't happen. We can't see Borough limping off the field. He injured his ankle there and I know he stayed in the game. But I I think there's I don't think it's a coincidence that he stopped throwing the ball as much after that. And if you go back and you look, he was not pushing the ball down the field much and really, the 1 30 years, Mama. That that clinched. It was kind of it as far as downfield throws go, so we'll monitor and angle this week, but they Yeah, they got to keep them upright and find a way to do it. For the most part, I think they did a good job. But, yeah, it's tough against that Vikings from James Rippin on this morning on 700 wlw. He's with sports illustrated Bengals.

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