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A couple of nights ago It was kid named matisse kivel annex twenty four year old. He was from latvia. At a party in michigan big fireworks going off and the first deal we heard about this thing was first explanation. I should say was that the fireworks somehow aimed at people at this party and caitlyn necks is in a hot tub and when he sees fireworks coming his way and this was the original explanation he got out of the hot tub and slipped and fell and hit his head on the concrete. And that's how he died. Well that was changed later in the day. Not sure how that gets mocked up but the death is due to the actual fireworks hitting kivila knicks in the chest. He died from a fireworks. Mortar blast the got him in the chest and just a horrible horrible situation Killing ex probably for hockey fans came to the fourth world hockey championships. this year. Because canada got off to a terrible start. They eventually won the gold medal. Of course with that crazy overtime finish of they started at horribly including loss to latvia. Which is relative. Nhl minot and they were shut out by latvia. In fact and kivlan x was the guy who got shot that day and he seemed to be a kid. Obviously he's got his whole life in front of him and he seemed to have a fine hockey career ahead him as well pretty well regarded. You makes you want answers. It makes you accountability. Like how that kind of thing can happen to a twenty four year old kid. I feel so badly for his family and his friends. His teammates and i can only imagine what the person who hosted. The party's thinking or who is responsible for the fireworks that night. Like god I nine. I hope it. Wasn't anybody being stupid and alcohol. Involved and Out i mean it's tragic enough as an accident but if if there was some level of messing around with the fireworks that someone's liable in in this thing because i mean you think about that cody. Cc backyard party incident or unfortunately a young woman Received burns of what's supposed to be these moments of celebration Sometimes we take our eye off the old.

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