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Reform some of the systems that are creating inequalities in the funeral, industry and beyond. And that gives Caitlyn hope. I, am ready to see what this younger generation! Comes out of this like and what kind of activism and advocacy and relationship with us. They will have because I'm I know that. Of course parents are afraid and they want to say immediately if my kids are going to be damaged by this, and they're going to be traumatized by this, and that may indeed be true, but I'm also interested to see the resilience that comes out of it and the new attitudes towards death that comes out of it. Twenty twenty is yearning screaming really for change. You can see it in the news in the streets in the hospitals in the capital. CAITLYN's hopeful that the grief of this moment will cure us of our death anxiety and bring us a few steps closer to reckoning with how we can ensure that everyone can have a good death. Both before their last breath and after. I hope that this younger generation is going to push whatever advocacy myself and my colleagues have done even further because if they can say I essentially grew up in the middle of a pandemic in all this death, and that is made me feel this WanNa do this WanNa change. This one overthrow this system. I'm all for it I, so I wanNA. Have a more hopeful. Sense of what their connection with death can possibly how it could possibly lead change. CAITLIN continues to advocate for death positively on her website, the order of the good death. And in her practice as a funeral director. Although covid nineteen initially took some of the intimacy away from Caitlyn's funeral home. For the moment she started allowing visitations again. Caitlin is doing everything she can to make sure. Families concede their dead loved ones care for them before they're laid to rest and hopefully gain some peace in the process, and that's what ritual offers us is an opening and closing. Thanks to Kaitlin Dodie for speaking to us. Before we leave you today. I WanNa let you know if he didn't already that Neon does a lot of other things besides telescope. We're producing a whole series of original shows that are coming out this fall, and we've recently partnered with a number of media organizations to produce shows like motive for murder with NBC dateline. If you're interested. In other projects at Neon, has under a bell. You can go to our website. neon home, DOT COM and sign up for our newsletter. You'll find interesting behind the scenes detail about the stories we do here on telescope. But you'll also hear about all the other great shows that we have for you, so check us up..

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