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Shame I. Go Unites Man. Sometimes, you need to be my number. One is seeing the rain. Look. The might right here in the bush. Now you talked. The sound goes through the cable to the bucks, a man records I'm a big record in wax, but you have to talk into the mic I in the Bush. Giant again, perhaps you. You've seen it a million times and it. Brings you joy, if somehow you don't know what singing in the rain is a nineteen, fifty, two musical. Directed, by gene, Kelly and Stanley and starring Gene Kelly. Donald. O'Connor And Debbie Reynolds and it is the greatest movie musical ever made pretty much. No one disagrees with that right. I mean I'm sure people do. I don't really want to hear from you a few, but. Common Wisdom One of the greatest movie musicals overnight would say it goes Tom Hooper's Les Miz. Number One then singing in the rain to yeah. And shirt whatever. And then. What. If what if the great classic Hollywood movies and this to me? Is in addition to just bring being joy and movie that I watched whenever I feel sad. I. Last night I was kind of doing my homework for this movie and singing in the rain is available on Hbo Max as a part of the the TCI collection I believe, and I was like you know what I'll just watch twenty minutes just to make sure to refresh it, and then I stayed up watching the entire thing like far too late, because it is such an injection of joy, but it is also a great example of in terms of being a movie about making movies a great example of having your cake and eating it, too, because it's A. It's I wouldn't say it's quite cynical, but it is a movie. It set in the twenty S, and it is about the transition of Hollywood from silent films to. Talking movies and it is really about like the first musical ever made, and it is knowing and makes fun of the studio system and the studio machinery and movie stars. There is just a all time performance by Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont who is the silent film star who has a terrible voice and no one wants to hear her talk..

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