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Of South Korean women feel that not enough is being done. The held huge protests on the streets of Seoul, demanding better treatment for victims on tougher penalties for criminals. But catching those responsible is proving problematic. Special teams in Seoul have examined thousands of bathrooms, but failed to find a single camera. RTM's went with punk on me and she looked for any holes in the wall where cameras might have been pleased till you guide get up and learning how difficult it is to catch these criminals. The men install the camera and take it down within fifteen minutes. Arrests are made, but a sex crime prosecutor told the BBC that she felt the punishments were not severe enough as very few of those coat are sent to prison. Kabul one. In a basement in Seoul, a small group of women use their skills to find and take down the videos pock SU Eun phone to the grip digital sex crime out onto the name hyena. She was part of a campaign to bring down one of the most notorious websites Colt solder it. She wants to target the distributors and says, safe. Korea may need help to solve this crime which is becoming a global problem. You Rena mother on there have been cases in Sweden and the US, but South Korea is so addressed technologically. That means these online crimes have become a big issue here. I, it won't be long before this becomes a big problem in other countries. So we need to work together to solve the issue international. The Laura becau- in South Korea. Every weekend. You can hear a review of the weeks may new stories and why they matter. That's in the world. This week with Caroline Wyatt is new old president was accused of stealing the election. So has anything changed off to the vote in the US Donald Trump, fend off ecu's ations that he's trying to obstruct Justice stateless in India. We look at who and why, and can of iris make you fat. Thanks Caroline. That's all in the world this week, broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays and variable to done Newt from our website. Amid an escalating diplomatic crisis took his foreign minister at Mevlude Chavez. Shula has met the US secretary of state might Pompeo on the sidelines of a summit of the association of southeast Asian nations. As in the row is over the detention of an American pastor in Turkey in retaliation. Washington has imposed sanctions on to Turkish ministers. But after the talks Mr. Chavez, Shirley was positive. Yup can say Donald. It is a very constructive meeting. Of course, it's not expected to solve the crisis unto all problems in just one meeting, but we agreed on close cooperation dialogue on the working together. I asked on correspond engine Singapore, curriculum of us money for more details of the dispute. The main issue is, of course, the continued detention of the American clergyman entre Brunson who has been detained by Turkish authorities since twenty sixteen remember, he was accused by Turkey of involvement in twenty sixteen failed coup. He's from North Carolina and evaluate evangelist pastor, and he's been held for nearly two years. Now over alleged links to political groups. We saw sanctions, put in place by the US onto Turkish ministers. We understand that the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo actually said that the sanctions are in place. So. So as to demonstrate just how serious the US is about the release of this American pastor. So despite this beating the dispute hasn't been resolved? No. As far as we can tell the conversations were constructive. But at this point it does not appear that the discussions have led to what the US actually wants, which is the release of the American pastor. I think Turkey has been under a great deal of pressure. And there has been some analysis that when the was the first announcement of those functions on the Turkish ministers that that led to a dramatic drop in the currency of the country as a result that has led some officials to believe that they need to start to try and avert what could be escalation in this diplomatic crisis. But as of yet where we're nowhere near a resolution, of course, these talks took place on the sideline of the Asian summit. So what else is Mr. Pompeo expecting their the US is extremely keen to keep. The pressure up on North Korea to get it to give up its nuclear weapons as it promised to do back in the June summit. And he spoke at the audience summit here in Singapore on security..

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