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I think you're example's probably the best one. It's something different soon that that could be interesting. You don't know the story as much. Yeah. It's definitely. They're stubborn thinking of trying to major sporting events like Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa homerun chase. That was a huge sporting event happen higher summer. But that would not make a good movie just cause I don't think that was like all that interesting to make movie out of. But what there's another question like what current sports happenings like involving player? That's currently player playing. Can you ever see being made a movie 'cause I can see like a paid Manikam Brady moving being made like twenty forty eight the McGwire Sosa thing actually is pretty good. Because that was something that I feel like isn't as appropriate it now because the steroids I would love to see that. Yeah. I think personally just sell them on the record. I think steroids should be allowed in baseball around metal degree metal bats as well. Just get it. All. We so much more fun. Isn't that the point of sports to have fun? Fun to watch. They should be hitting with metal bats homerun derby. I don't know why their own targets in the outfield. I don't know why there's not different shit in the whole rigueur be. They should be hitting things in the stands. They should have mental bats. I don't understand what. Well, I do know why they'll be archaic. But should be doing that. The baseball players are so super stitches, though, they probably wouldn't even wanna handle like even touch metal bat for it mess up their swing. But also, could you imagine just like you have some seven year old like Pawtucket little league out there? Centerfield John Carlos Stanton's coming up in the home run derby with a fucking. De Marini metal bet. Terrifying. All right. What else do we got here? Would you rather force to heckle a comedian in a bar of drunk fans or before to heckle a preacher during Sunday church service, tough because the comedian can destroy you? It'll probably be on YouTube and the drunk people could hurt you where I feel like the church. What's the worst? It's going to happen at church. Will they got it? Forgive me. Right. Yeah. The comedian doesn't have to forgive me. But I think the church has forgive me. So I take the church. Yeah. I wouldn't do. I would do the comedian. I I'd have to pick the pick the preacher. Yeah. One hundred percent picking the preacher. I don't do that right now for free. I don't need to be incentive at all. Especially a street preacher. Let's be clear on that. It's a one sitting in New York City to screaming on a megaphone. I'll heckle the fuck out of that guy. Oh that lots different story. I mean that that's a whole different ball wax. I like this other question if you could drink with three characters from the same actor who would be, but I'm gonna save that one..

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