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And that was probably a good idea my part because i didn't have any traffic i got right to pasadena no problem but i was there literally three hours before the stupid conference was even set to open and i exactly and i was just visiting this conference to see if it was something that we were gonna we being odbc i was an employee at the time whether it was a show that we wanted to do in the future so i get down there and nothing is open i didn't eat breakfast i didn't you know i might have had a cup of coffee in the hotel maybe pretty early but you gotta remember i whenever i travel at least then i always kept myself on east coast time coming that direction you would be there three hours early so i was there quite early and it was by the way you can't do that no you can't that's that's why kept myself on east coast time which was a problem sometimes because i'd wake up at my customary five or six in the morning and of course it's three in the morning at california and there's no nothing is open that even downtown san francisco just nothing so anyways i get to pasadena to beautiful place i really liked it is gorgeous and i'm walking around trying to i i parked right at the place that the events going to happen and i even beat the guy in there who gives you a little ticket for parking.

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