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Mean it. Was that a confident chiefs or just know on paper with the barber story with offensive line with the game being played in Tampa, with Brady on the other sideline with that defensive line it it's very easy to want to take the bucks, but Can't pick against the homes can't pick against Brady. Like I'd never bet against you. I would until I see it. I will see that he's lost three Super Bowls. Yeah, but you know that Can't blame him against Philadelphia. No, he threw for 500 yards, and they didn't even punch like, you know, that's that's on Bella check, but you know the game against the Giants in both of those games. You know, the defensive line just pounded him. And if the Chiefs are able to do that, then the Chiefs are gonna win this game. But on the same token, though, it's like my home so many games this year. We're closed and then on third and six with Tyree for seven yards and put the game away. I in all of my years covering The sport. This guy Mahomes finds a way in every single game to get the W at the end. I can't pick against him here. Yeah, but it's weird how they get bored or they need degree of difficulty. Peter like they won 25 26 games with him. However, it happens. It happens. She's uh, great to talk to you. And thanks again. Yeah, thank you, buddy. That's Peter Schrager. He's a popular member of that good morning football team. He says. He's basically the host. But there's there's four talent on there. Seven Eastern is when they start and then they wanted to get off the air at nine eastern so they could watch this show, but they have to go contractually till 10 o'clock. They fought it because Peter said, Hey, I got to get through it. Nine so I can watch the Dan Patrick show. Yes, but I've seen the final hour. Peter may be watching our show during his show. Just a little bit. Yes. Make love it. He loved your poll question. Do you feel better now? Like you said That was a brilliant question. I thought it was a good poll question, Baby. We gotta tell the votes on that. Why do you think people didn't like it? You guys didn't like it? We like it. I had Peter Schrager, who had to co sign on that. By the way, Top rank field heads to the Valley of the Sun. We got golf later on today. Waste management Phoenix open Thursday through Sunday on golf and NBC. I don't know what that atmosphere is gonna be like there. And they have any fans in the stands. At the waste Management Phoenix Open because you see, I mean, that's what it's known for. Yeah, that place is insane. You've been there. I've been there a couple times I lived out there It is like a It's like a tailgate with a golf event going on during it. Yeah. Monster tailgate. It's like you have a tailgate and then a golf tournament broke out. And then you go on while we're here. Why don't we watch some golf here? We'll take a break. I got some phone calls to get. We're backed up a little bit, and we'll also bring back the interview. We did the interview with Aaron Donald yesterday afternoon. Full disclosure, and we only had a couple of clips that we sent out. So if you heard those that was from our interview with him yesterday, where we had him There was the first interview he did where he talked about the trade that they got Matthew Stafford and sent golf to Detroit. We'll have that for you coming up. And if you're watching on Peacock, you're going to see an unbelievable spread. I'm looking at the Trager Hood. Trager Ville. All these grills out there all that food is going to be ready here and you could live like, curiously, through us here coming up a little bit 20 after the hour, take a break. Erin Donald and your phone calls next year on the Dan Patrick Show. What could you do with $50,000?.

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