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Glad to be with you glad you all with us yeah happy Friday we did it we made it you're almost home hang out with us the whole way they'll rob album you know our friend with the forty Niners who was the longest title in the history of professional all America is executive producer vice president created forty Niners studios and in charge of everything that moves and make sound game day content story teller for the team that's the actual title you're even need to put a bio on his page because once you're done with the title you're out of space and I'm sure rob listening and we're excited to talk to rob in about twenty twenty five minutes or so our lease diverge is also on the show tonight David Lombardi V. athletic Pete Doherty Packers Colin this Green Bay press Gazette it is possible that you will hear portions of car for karaoke unless you all tell me very quickly that you don't want to which I find likely but let's go and get started with our song of the day and especially for any Green Bay Packer fans who might be in town traveling and doing the tourist thing today get ready for Sunday this is for you what we well that's right to go anywhere well the forty Niners all the best team in football this year I want to remind everybody of January nineteen ninety five.

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