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This is an ABC podcast. Welcome to science friction on the Tesha Mitchell in November last year. China scientists tonight an announcement that left the world, Ashley gobsmacked including the scientific community. What was your reaction to this news, overnight, and astonishing and dubious claim a scientist in China saying he created the world's first genetically engineered babies? And Lana Kane cry to the Lord. How thing as Andy odd up beebees quite stone scientific community with the plane. He pushed the boundary. No one else had that team of geneticists and fertility specialists announcing the so-called breakthrough on YouTube who says he genetically edited human embryos, not just for research before, implantation, leading to the world's first births of genetically altered, humans baby girls born in China from embryos, designed to be resistant to HIV thirty five year old by physicists. Talk to her, Zhen quay was by all accounts, young rising star in Chinese science. He done his PHD at Ross university in Texas. He's post doctorate at Stanford before returning home under his country's ambitious one thousand talents program, which is designed to recruit, high flies and help make China global later in science. So dr. Her head. He's countries backing but what's happened to him seen some? What about the baby girls? Lou and Nona and the eight couples he recruited to his controversial clinical trial. When the news broke it really came out of nowhere journalist prefect Arana, covers healthcare in Asia, with the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong, an I I've been reporting on gene, editing and China for a few years now. And it really took me by surprise as well. Pretty thicker just managed to get closer to the story than most she hasn't been able to excess Dr her himself, Giannis investigators won't say where he is. But she's been investigating on the ground in China following the pipe trial, emails, videos, and phone messages. And speaking to people close to Dr her, and he's situation breath, because reporting reveals that senior American scientists, including Nobel laureate knew about what Dr Who was doing and in very little to stop him or to alert others my. My first reaction is, of course, surprise in many ways shocked professor Jingbao niche trained as traditional medicine physician in China is now professor in bioethics at the university of Otago in New Zealand and part of a group of scholars calling for a five year moratorium on the use of so-called, germline, gene, editing for human reproduction. His first reaction to the news of the Jeanette had babies was.

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