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And likes tumbling and she likes doing cartwheels and she's doing them because it's fun and she's practicing because she likes getting better and that's intrinsic. And extrinsic is out. It's Thursday four get in the car we gotta go get to Olympics or whatever gymnastics, and then somebody saying you know we have to start out with fifteen jumping jacks and it becomes a class. It becomes something. So external and wants to get Peter Gray site to study where they asked kindergartners who were given a day of there was circle. Time when everybody shared something and there was reading when the teacher read Aloud Book and there was finger painting when everybody got to finger paint and there was recess and they asked the kids at the end of the day what was working what was play and play was recess and everything else was work because an adult said, now we'RE GOING TO BE IN A. Circle at adult chose the book and adult decided when it started and when finished, and now you have to finger paint with light finger paint or not. So what you're taking his play and you're turning it into nobody would call it work but there's an adult they're you're sorta getting grades you managed you know you're expected to attend. They don't have agency anymore, agency. On the playground, right right. So to me, you know some of childhood can remain childhood without it being taught to them and one of things. That's interesting me lately, and I'm going to ask both of you this question and I don't have a total theory yet but I feel like if you have enough free time in childhood, you discover something that you like to do that. You might still be doing as an adult if you're lucky if you get to pursue it, is there something you? Did as a kid that you still sorta see yourself doing some activity that turned you on Oh a Monaco first acting I started when I was in ninth grade I, guess wasn't wouldn't be kid necessarily no, no vector counts right like thirteen fourteen. So that's still happening almost everything I liked yeah in elementary still do like I raced BMX bikes, announced motorcycles, and a all my hobbies are virtually whatever adding horsepower to fifth grade thing was literally yeah they can I play devil's advocate on this. your role I disagree I really disagree with this because I think it's really you know we had just had Angela Duckworth on Grit I really agree with her on you should be having challenges that are just above your level so that you will attain those with hardware and then you will.

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