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Everyone. My name is cassini. Milo arm multimedia journalists the maker which is the quantity because newspapers in in in durban and also in south africa. Okay great so maybe could start by explaining what what exactly has been happening in south africa. Recently what ignited this bout of unrest. And where where did it all start. Physically all started a few few weeks ago when the former president jacob zuma was actually Send us to fifteen months in prison. After he fades up a state commission where allegation of corruption into tips capture the courts found impunity and actually sentenced him to fifteen months on the seventh of july. The president himself for five days to hand him over to the who turned himself over to the police and then he did. Eventually under servant of july handed himself over. former president. jacob zuma has begun serving fifteen month prison sentence for contempt of court after having himself into police. He was given the sentence last week but had attempted to evade arrest. Pending legal appeals. In the early hours of thursday though a convoy of vehicles believed to be carrying the president left his compound shortly before a deadline to turn himself in expired is contempt of court charge was for failing to show up to a corruption inquiry and flew gain. That's when the chaos static so that's why we're here to support and we support jacob zuma because we informed by the news from when he was a deputy president when he was looked count so we are here and say no we take stand and say we see what do we have prepared by him. Progress to fight. He's supposed is basically states from present is actually not feeds or old He's seventy nine now to be increasing and also as a form. An evolutionary standard form factor also spent ten years in prison shooting the up at the time. No idea to send over to please. So what happened was fluent day. Andras started with He supports us. Touching embark on various blocking a national foods with trucks and everything block off several trucks and commercial properly set ablaze since friday in kwazulu. Not tell the home of former south african president jacob zuma who supporters have been on a fiery rampage and looting spree in protest of his imprisonment and on the ninth of four or allow. Who at the friday. That's when things go to worse with trucks about twenty-five trucks and then looting started in devon surely reside and also read it through join his as well in the past days looting has spread from stores to factories and warehouses ransacking and rioting in south africa's worst violence since a hard time or drink the looting. Yeah okay so just recapping. Jacob zuma the former president and a hero of the fight against apartheid who started the protests about two weeks ago so they were large rallies against zooms detention on those contempt of court and corruption charges with his supporters out. Arguing zimmer is too old and too much of a hero figure to be pursued on those issues right and as you said he says. Those protests turned violent within days. Trucks torched on national highways blockades. Were put up and then shops will looted mainly in durban in the province of kwazulu-natal and in south africa's largest city johannesburg and while plenty of the people doing the looting and rioting was zuma's supporters. Plenty more words or didn't care. They were motivated by other deep set. Grievances now we want to talk a little bit more about the detail of the of the looting of the unrest. But i think before we do that. Can we just ask some basic questions. About jacob zuma how significant is in the in the modern history of south africa zuma. He has a huge number of followers. We learned people. Stephen supporting this number allegation that have been made team to us the state culture and his education with the the families which i still accused. Step picturing suffocates hold surprising. The number of people dealer hesitancy has its back following him. Okay and you said. They're used an expression that i think. Australians matinal have heard before state capture get. Can you explain what you mean by that. Yeah we capture. It's when a lot of things that are happening such as people using pretty Friends political connections to actually steve public funds. He.

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