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Takeaway. Melissa perry in pretend vega this week were visiting some of my favorite conversations. I've had while filling in as a guest on this show and today we start with a very important conversation. I had about the mental health of teenagers and how it suffered due to the pandemic. Listen up the fear. Loss stress in isolation of the pandemic has been extraordinarily challenging for our collective mental health and this is particularly true for teens and adolescents. Although you would expect it to be less stressful because you have more time to do homework somehow i feel like teachers have been compensated by giving us more work for me home. Schooling has been really difficult. I've had a really hard time focusing. I've been hingham simon fleet. I've been texting friends during class. It's really quite awful now. There have been complaints by too much screen time my school. So they're cutting class time down and their dishing out more homework which isn't great. These are the voices of teens talking with the women's interest website. She knows dot com back. In april of twenty twenty one schools had only been closed for about a month so nearly eighteen months later the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic combined with the pressure is to achieve and perform well during the past year has heightened anxiety depression and thoughts of self harm among teens a recent op. Ed in the new york times. We've you startling results from multiple studies showing that the mental wellness of adolescence has significantly and as students returned in person classes in the fall reporting from the hedging. Our report shows that many schools are ill equipped to handle the decline in mental health. Joining me now. Is kate rix. Oakland based freelance writer with the hedging our report cape. Welcome to the takeaway. Thank you nice to talk to you. Melissa and also joining me is emily. Esfahani smith who was a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology and the other of the power of meaning. Emily welcome to the takeaway. Thanks for having me melissa fleming. Can you walk us through a bit with. The pandemic has meant for the mental health of teens so the sad facts are that there was already a mental health crisis among teenagers adolescents even before the pandemic over the last decade we've rates of anxiety depression self harm suicidal thinking rising fairly dramatically among this group of teenagers. And what happened during the pandemic. is that all of those trends accelerated and the question is is why And you know. Many teens are suffering. As we heard their voices earlier they feel very anxious in particular about academic goals and the pressure to achieve which strangely has accelerated over the past sixteen months to thought that the pressure would have been alleviated. But that's not what's happened and not spinach. Cause of of air Mental health concerns. It seems to be the part of what's happening in our public discourse right now. Is this idea that don't worry. Everything will be fine when we go back to normal. But kate in your recent reporting found that schools aren't necessarily ready to manage this mental health crisis this increase stress that emily was just talking about. That's right melissa What emily was just saying about teens. Feeling this pressure to continue to sort of achieve under the these very difficult..

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