Director, President Trump, James Comey discussed on The Mark Levin Show


If you feel that the is putting the shoulder on you and you're the fbi director and you honestly feel it you have an obligation to speak out then and their contemporary near slate not to make a contemporary est memo petr speak out but he didn't because he's a phony request may colmey uncomfortable all i'm sorry maitum uncomfortable now ladies and gentlemen if your constant paid your uncomfortable if he really believed that the president was interfering with hammer the investigation or insinuating such you don't sit there like a constant painted and feel uncomfortable yes speak out but he didn't and colmey being a drama queen or king should make no difference in today's society but colmey being a drama whatever you know he would have spoken out that's why so much of this is being manufactured after the fact in my humble opinion so here's another person familiar with khamis going to say quote he's not going to congress to make accusation about the president's and tenet steady air to share his concerns the source said and tell the committee what made him uneasy and why he felt a need to write the memo documenting the conversation now the media will run with anything the media will do anything all of a sudden they rehabilitated james colmey james comey was a snake james comey was lower than dirt james khoat cost hillary clinton the election chuck schumer said he lacked integrity all mike james comey was the worst of the word now james comey is respected man of enormous integrity calls them as he sees them and of course the media play along here's the media wanna see trump out at the ousted let's be honest comey told associates he plans to testify that despite the unusual request from the president he believes strongly that if he did his job properly he could not ducked the investigation and honest way oh isn't that nice so despite trump he still felt he could do as investigation however it colmey told associates he will not corroborate trump's claim that on three separate occasions colmey told the president he was not under mr colmey why are you leaking why are you telling this stole the surrogates and then having them leaked to the media why are you doing that we know why storing it ladies and gentlemen the.

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