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Dollars to produce a pilot. Then listeners for across the world will vote on their favourite to decide the next great podcasts enter today at next PODCAST DOT com. That's next great podcast DOT COM. Why shouldn't the next great podcast come from you? We'll hear some trending news from our home station K., R. N. B., one of five point seven smooth aren be in. Dallas. The Dallas cowboys have a long standing policy that players must stand during the national anthem prior to. Games. But recently, cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he's going to have to have an open dialogue to try and figure out a way that can please both the protesters. And the staunch flag supporters and handle the situation with what grace take a listen. These are very sensitive times. I have nothing to prove as far as where I'm standing with flag and where the cowboys staying I have nothing to prove regarding my my players and my support of our players what I do want to show and want us all to be a part of is a word call grace. Grace, not only grace in our actions but grace and our understanding where they're coming from. I won't our players to understand the perception and where they're coming from regarding the flag in the sensitivity there and the many memories there, and I won't our fans to understand better do because of what's going on over the last few months and we'll tell them to understand where our players are coming from there and they do not feel like that the ones that want to. Basically do that. Neil they do not feel like they're dishonoring the flag I'm GonNa have grace. I've had grace many of you have written in, criticize me for having too much grace and understanding regarding our players. I'll probably have and I'm going to have grace regarding the people that are sensitive about our flag somewhere in between there as the weeks as we get together with our team as we discussed with the team somewhere in between there is how we're GONNA handle it. What? What in what? Here is in a bad situation because he nailed with the players and now you don't want them to needle anymore. Grace God. Yes. And that's because they're believing the old narrative that the president-elect sermons. Right you know. Oh. That's not what it's about. That's why I see what he's trying to do. To appease both sides everywhere at the caused desk somewhere in the middle. As an older man. He's getting pressure because a lot of people have allow trump to switch to narrative. To make it about is disrespectful our flag because now they're simply saying you not standing for our national anthem disrespecting the flag. It ignores the right to protest. It just saying you disrespecting flag. So Jerry's get net. And I'm pretty sure someone that's coming from possibly some sponsors to. I've talked to a lot of NFL players at NFL on his over the past years I've talked to a lot of the cowboys everybody to the man. You don't hear. No players talking about Jerry Jones. Because to the man, he is a players owner. Really. I'm telling you man I've talked to a lot of Dallas. Cowboys are lot over and they all say good, Tusti. So He's toll stands up and fights force players. He's in a position though. Where he's an owner and he's listening to the other owners and he has to listen to these boxes. That's all over that big giant billboard here's turn. So He's trying to find somewhere in the middle s where he stuck, but I'm just saying what all a lot of Dallas cowboys players have told me Jerry Jones s why you'll hear no players talking about it a Steve, he go waffly his players. As so I don't know man. I can't see what he's trying to do trying to be on both sides and get an understanding like you said somewhere in the middle and here we go meet. What happens if he has a player that Neal's if he a few players Neil He. I mean he's probably I. Mean I mean I mean he said his players had to stay well now he's considering that we can bring this back is coming up. We'll have more music and We'll talk about this a little more at twenty minutes after the hour. Right after this, you're listening to tame hardy. Morning. Show. So before the break guys we were talking about Dallas cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his stance on kneeling plus Jerry Jones also said that he will let the cowboys play in front of fans during the pandemic the fans will purchase tickets and pods which will be clustered social distance seating and We'll see how it goes and see before we went to break. You were talking about how the players do have a lot of respect for Jerry Jones because Jerry Jones will go to battle for his players. So he's kind of stuck I'm you know I'm not gonNA say any names? But I've talked to more than a lot of Dallas cowboys please and all of them says, Steve, you'll ever hear nobody said nothing about Jerry Jones as owner because he's a players only he takes care of his guys. He, go to war fall. He said there's some guys that wouldn't have NFL career if this man didn't go and fight for. He's helped them man and they told me a lot of specific examples on that liberty say but. Jerry Jones seems e he strikes me as a really really good do but he's an old guy and he has to deal with the business of being in NFL and and his understanding of the players in what they're going through. Everybody money racial injustice everybody got money. No that. Knowledge it and we don't want to know more show. Aimal we working on. Something if go. 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