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Three million doj coined is three million those quite so we're all betting on doj calling uh yeah it's uh it's it's an interesting future i i would i think we need to learn more about financing them at what this is what's happening here because it's there's clearly some convergence of forces here and maybe the ab it'll be the bank of china for all we know i don't know what's gonna maybe maybe let's take a break we're gonna talk some more we've got ben johnson here he's for wbur is a senior producer their ben does that this new show on reddit which is awesome what's a call again thread threadbare endless endless thread and was thrift threadbare might have been good to red longer rethink about your that's the that's the adult reddit threads that's endless representation highlighted well soviet for the great ape ruin here he is a great photographer writer at a techrepublic i bet you have a podcast or two don't you or i did at one point in time but now i just guessed appear uh suddenly everyone willem podcast hands we love having yonhap it's great to have you and dan patterson who was also at cbs interactive senior rhetoric tech republican zd net he also contributes to cnet and the out great to have all three of here thank you for joining us today our show brought to you by fresh books a great solution for anybody this is the this isn't it this is an interesting step forward in making money make sense if you're a small business her freelancer you know come the end of the month you gotta do that chore called sending out the invoices we've all done it and it's a pain you fire up excel you fire up word you'd get the envoys you print out you put it in an envelope you stab at your mail it and your hope you pray that you will get paid in some case.

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