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S officials say the nation's First cove in 19 vaccine will begin arriving in states Monday morning. Army General Guess Pernis said trucks will start rolling out tomorrow, ups and FedEx will be delivering Pfizer's vaccine to nearly 155 150 distribution centers across the states. Warner 25 more sites will get shipments on Tuesday. The remaining 66 on Wednesday. Health experts are trying to encourage you to trust in the cove in 19 vaccine. Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Health Institute, says he's confident it seems to work to cross all different age groups and different ethnicities. So this is a vaccine that appears from my perspective to be both, Ah, lot more effective than we had hoped for and to have a very good safety record. Holland says lot of different voices. They're gonna have to speak up to explain the science behind the vaccine to reassure people that it is safe. Mayor Garcetti is joined Pope Francis Chinese President Xi Jinping. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French president and Manuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With the virtual climate ambition summit, Trudeau says the pandemic has shown us the importance of global couple cooperation, and we must translate that lesson. How we deal with the climate crisis. Because our kids and grandkids are counting on US events being held on the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate accord, which President Trump withdrew from, But Joe Biden has promised to rejoin when he's sworn in as president. Ah federal judge in Wisconsin has rejected President Trump's lawsuits trying to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state. The state Supreme Court in Wisconsin, is hearing another lawsuit seeking to overturn the election. This is not normal Justice Jill Kurowski says the administration's efforts to toss out 221,000 absentee ballots as she put it smacks of racism. Police in New York have arrested a woman for driving her car into protesters. Kathleen Cassio allegedly slammed her car into the protesters. Yesterday afternoon. I dodged.

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