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That that just shows everybody that. Hey, I'm buying into this a swell. Let's go guys, let's let's have some fun that Zoe got a ton of bricks to fit in here before 11 o'clock. But Jeremy is now meeting with reporters VIAS and Let's get some of that game for two periods that were really good, and you know, obviously pretty good overtime. First question will come from Charlie Romilly Otis from NBC. Sports. Charlie, You're Mike's acts of Go ahead. Jeremy in years past. Obviously, this team was very high risk high reward, but it seems like this year you guys can win those 21 games. How nice is that going into a game where you can win the defense of games or the offensive games? Yeah, well, we're trying to Get it. Have the hockey together that we can win. Sustainably. We gotta feel like we have a chance to win every night on You know where what? We love scoring goals, no doubt about that. But you know, we gotta you gotta keep it under your net. If you want to have any tape up consistent success on and I feel like we're doing now we gotta Yeah. Say the same things but Work ethic and commitment to doing little things and It's so long, more fun went so happy, really happy with how we Ride it through this game. Then how big were those three caves in the first two minutes of the second period there to keep it at one all? Yeah, we weren't very good for that little stretch. No. You two chances. One short handed in the one with that comes out of the box. So, you know, important moment and That's what a team that sort of team does he pick each other up and And like, just like, tell me about Go to Ben Pope with the Chicago Sun Times, then your mike is active. Go ahead. Germany and I have four rookies, including Lincoln and on the ice for the OT goal. Just what was that sort of say about this team in the impact? The young guys are making well, they're getting better there. Building confidence and Work or building confidence in them. They understand. Key moments in the game, and we gotta play and, you know way need them to be able to step forward and Do those things and you know it's a couple of real be place to get excellent back. Tricked by Menschel strong, strong battle strong on the puck by Hagel. He skates 200 ft with the on his back. You know, very intelligent, play toe kind of free up suitor, and then you know, it's a Very skilled, very skilled player to score. So you know, obviously likes is part of that. He's made a lot of big saves tonight. That zip unwashed. On then, did you talkto PS after the first period? It seemed like I was a little rough for him. And how impressed for you with how he responded as the game went on. Yeah, just, uh What's the one play a couple turnovers and Ends up in the back of that That's gonna happen sometimes, But the important thing is is more so how we responded. I thought it was really good after that, and No. So it's Cirque. Sure, nice to see him come through with a big goal. Go to Phil Thompson with Chicago Tribune failure. Mike is active. Go ahead. Jeremy kind of following but then question Do you feel like You know a situations like us suitors turn over there. He just kind of mentally brushed it off that it didn't get to him. Yeah, well, you found a way to you know him. You know that a scandal what he felt and You always want to. You want to get back to it, But it's important not to let it affect your next shift. And, uh, I thought, you know, Z the way played the rest of game was, uh Excellent, So a lot of mental toughness from him and Specially. She's played the main games yet so for him to do that, and be a big part of Fisk and you know It gets a hard, hard building her team. It went against and he's a big part of it. You mentioned the big states by Lincoln and another case where he faced some solar breakaways like curry on off coming out of the penalty box. How big was that? Little ended up on duh. Lot of sustained the game. Jeremy Carlton. Hey, continues with reporters down in Dallas. We're going toe slip out right now. Because again, we have a bunch of squeeze in before 11 o'clock, But choice and final thoughts. Yeah, I look at the score sheet here. Another 21 game. Six Black Hawks made the score sheet that includes Let's see four rookies, a guy in his second year and the new guy in Matea CN Market. It's just fascinating to see this this Whole parade. This this whole pot roast coming together and finding different guys to contribute night in and night out. Even though your stars of the guys who are the ones who are relied upon and carrying the load, it's fun to watch. It's fun to watch the energy and I love the way that Jeremy is handling these young guys. Suitor knows he made a mistake and before the popcorn and then that I think I said, you know, they turned the park over there, and they made some sloppy place and they were turning some park over. Is there park management wasn't great. But he got suitor right back out there. If you make a mistake as a player, you know you've made a mistake. I mean, nobody has to tell you, but how you reinforce it, and how you respond from that situation is how This team is gonna build on itself within itself Within that group inside the locker room. I think there is a lot of belief that Hey, we didn't play our best game, but we got great goaltending. Thank you, Kevin Lincoln and And then let's just move on here. Let's try and figure out a way to be better, and they're fighting ways and different ways. Toe win these things and Jeremy Collinson. Reinforced, you know his hunch to get Hagel out there because he's a competitor. He's gonna battle and he talked about going to 100 ft with a guy on his back, and that was Pavelski. Oh, they're one of the best guys in the NHL in the one on one battles and And Hagel's just getting it done, and he's he's not a fancy player. He's a you know, meat and potatoes type of guy and and that's how they're getting the job done. Everybody's as we've talked about buying into what they need to do here. The key is as you move forward the goaltending, But the more that you play a better style and a team style. You're going to take pressure off your goaltender on a more regular basis. Allow him to just kind of feel a little bit more comfortable in there, not under siege with all kinds of shots coming at you with all kinds of, you know, pressure. And and they've done that. They've handled that They have done an excellent job in finding ways to manufacture points when they haven't been at their best, and when they have been at their best, they've been good. It's a It's a good kind of buzz. And you know every every time we sign off here at every post game show. You're looking even more forwards a couple days. Whatever they play again in the back of the United Center on Thursday, you know, you know what the bad thing is there? I know we gotta move it along quickly. It is, I think the fans of the United Center what would love to see this team play in person because it zah team that's not going to quit. You know what? It's a hard nosed team. It's not a big team, but it's a very competitive team is a relentless team that the way that they're playing, and I think, you know, even coming after this game. I think you walked back into the United Center. If there are fans in there and you would get it unbelievable response. That's just too bad. But anyway, we get you we get to enjoy this team. However, however, away we are able to and even though the fans aren't there, I'm sure they're getting a kick out. I would I would love to be able to walk into the locker room and talk to these guys in purses it and see the smile on their face and talk to them. And then got a sense of what's going on, baby. Yes, but you know, it would be fun for us, for our sake. At least. Okay, Thanks. Thanks, Chris. I'm speaking for myself, so great job is always looked for. To see any on Thursdays. We check out this club again against Columbus. Great job tonight..

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