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Vice president mike pence is on his way home after visiting south korea to attend the winter olympics opening ceremony and there was a bit of a diplomatic breakthrough away from the olympic action influential sister of north korean leader kim shown own met with south korean president luhn inviting him to pyonyang for a summit with both brother if it happens it would be the highest level meeting between the two countries in years moon said they should work to make conditions to allow it to happen vice president pence who has been in south korea for the games in politics said saturday there was no daylight between the us and south korea in their aim to rid the north of its nukes and missiles faxes greg pow cut pants and south korea's president wants to skating event before the vice president left a second white house staffer has resigned after being a key stubbed domestic abuse in trump appeared to address the domestic violence allegations against both of his staffers on twitter again just a couple of hours ago as you just heard he addressed it on camera the other day he wrote on twitter and park quote people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation summer true and some are false is there no such thing any longer as due process the exwife of one of trump's speechwriters david sorensen told the washington post he was abusive during their marriage sorensen says that he did not abuse his wife she abused him he resigned on friday according to the white house two days before that staff secretary rob porter resigned after two of his former wife said he physically and verbally abused them version zealous a barber disgraced former gymnastics doctor larry nassar has been transferred to a federal prison in tucson arizona federal bureau prisons in may registry indicates the fifty four year old is now housed at the high security prison nasser faces to prison sentences in michigan first he must serve sixty years in federal prison i'm toto fox news.

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