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Against and you say you're not for But in your website, it says. You call it a crucial framework grinding mind. My deal is a crucial framework, but not the new green Day. Not the new the new the new green deal, and that's not true. I have the quote from his website. Let me play this again. This is Joe Biden last night with George Snuffleupagus on ABC and their little sit down coffee chat you forger against you say you're not for a bit in your website. It says you call it a crucial framework driving blind. My deal is a crucial framework, but not the new green Day. No, Joe Joe, If you're Joe, if you're listening. Is a quote and I do the thing with my fingers on his website because I went there and I looked Biden believes the green new deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. I'm a lousy candidate on I didn't do a good job. No, you're right. And you didn't 6519895855 used the hashtag TNT on Twitter Glad with show this morning. Drew is out. Hopefully he'll be back on Monday show and let's go to the phones. And first we will talk with friend of the show Eric in Chicago. Morning, Eric. Welcome to Twin Cities. News. Talk on that Last segment is displayed on the Green New Deal segment. He doesn't learn. I think he's just pushed himself even further away from progressives by saying it wasn't a critical framework, right? I don't think Don watched the same debate that I did from what I saw. Trump was pretty much owning Guthrie. I mean, he threw he he owned her over the white supremacy. Nonsense. He shut her down over masks. Then by basically saying, Well, we're both on the same side here. And it kind of threw her off, and he did it again to her later in the debate, and again, it kind of seemed to throw her off her game. Now, Biden watching how it's handled, the only thing he's watching right now is going to be the Poles. And if Poland continues to shift between today and next week when Judiciary votes is married to a full Senate vote, you know he's going to support court packing. Of course, Of course you will. He absolutely will. Thank you so much for the call. But he was great to great to hear from you Appreciate your your tweets as well. There is no question. That Joe Biden should not be able to answer given the millennia that he has been in office. I mean, that's it. This is so simple. This isn't hard Can't look, I'll give George Stephanopoulos a little bit of credit. He did push Biden. On some of those questions, you know, but the push any harder would've been abuse against an individual is clearly dealing with some with some mental issues, right? But this is the difference between these two candidates here. You got a guy? Who's been in Washington. For longer than for as long as I've been alive. Right 48 years. He can't answer a straight question. And yet President Donald Trump is fearless. To go on. Essentially, what is the opposition? You know, Unless unless unless Joe Biden is I mean, unless Donald Trump is going on Fox News. He knows he's walking into the lion's den. Right. It is the media. It is pop culture. It is celebrity. It is everybody against Trump and Mag a right now. Yet he he's like whatever. Although inter, get interview with anybody, even NBC Any answers all the questions and even facts check even fact checks. Savannah Guthrie. In the process. Joining us right now. Very pleased to welcome Liz. The Harrington to the show. Working with the Trump campaign. Good morning, Liz. Thank you so much for taking some time out this morning. Hey, Good morning. How are you? I'm I'm I'm a little a little. I'm a little fired up. I'm not gonna lie. I You know where we should be so used to this right now, Liz, we You know, we we know going into last night. What it was going to be It happens and you still can't sit back with just your mouth open going. You know, this is coffee chat with, you know George Stephanopoulos on ABC with Joe Biden and apparently, Savannah. Guthrie is running for office now and debating the president on NBC. Even though it we all could have predicted That was what was gonna happen. Right. But, you know, look, let viewers go back with an open mind. Watch both for yourself. And please just give your opinion as to who is actually capable of taking the tough questions who is capable of giving a straight answer who can actually talk about their records? Who can talk about their agenda. Honestly, it's only President Trump and Savannah Guthrie was hysterically attacking him, but I think she was even kind of won over by the yet he had Clinton voters, you know, complimenting a smile that President Trump he took all these ridiculous questions that have you had an hour with the president, United States You're talking about some fringe conspiracy theory that nobody has ever heard of. What joke, But you know what the president handles it. He got directly, You got an opportunity to talk directly to American voters. And he did an amazing job because he has an amazing record. He's got a great agenda for the American people. He built the greatest economy in 2019 Just get ready for 2021. As long as we don't change course on door hike everyone's taxes. And throw away all of our freedoms while we're at it, go flip over to ABC News, Not a single question about the New York Post stories. Okay, fine. Don't ask him, right? Don't ask Joe Biden about the smoking gun emails, How he He lied to the American people that he'd never spoken to Hunter by them about overseas business feeling. There's emails. He had meetings. Okay, let's just take all that aside. How about a question from the mainstream media about your fellow colleagues in the media who were being censored by American companies? Not a peep, not a word. They would so gladly give away all of our freedoms, and theirs would be the first to go. But you know what? Just view for yourself because Joe Biden clearly is not capable of engaging with these voters on any sort of substance any sort of straight answer. It's a joke, and it's embarrassing. And I guarantee you the vast majority of Americans who enjoyed watching the president over whatever that sad. Why did you call the coffee? Our short step Stephanopoulos is I like what President Trump says. You know town halls for a child Questions for a child, and Joe Biden still can't even answer them. No talking with with Liz Harrington at Liz, RNC GOP national spokesperson You know, and I agree with you on the assessment of last night, and I really do pray that that's what people ended up seeing and all and all sort of reiterate what I said a moment ago before we brought you on. There is no question with regard to politics, You know, you know, but nationally or globally that Joe Biden should not be able to answer. Given the amount of time that he's been. He's been sitting in an office. You know, it's no different than somebody as there's no, there's no Star Wars question that anybody could ask me that. I should know the answer do based off of how many times I've watched those silly films But be that as it may he can't any won't He in whether it's because of of how he's dealing mentally, whether it's because he's so beholden to the DNC, and he's so afraid or whether or not he's just been a sham, his whole career And yet you compare that With President Donald Trump in his fearlessness, and I agree with you. There's an authenticity and a genuineness that even in an individual who does some things that you know that people don't like, even if they support him, they still appreciate the fact that you get what you are seeing. Trump doesn't hide anything and its cracks me up because they try to label him all these things that he's not in Trump hides nothing and I maybe I made the example a moment ago, and then I'll be quiet and stop my filibuster and let you talk, but Before the debate..

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