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Count found more than thirty three hundred people sleeping in vehicles that's a forty six percent increase from the previous year man being held for attempting to bomb a local high school may have been planning a second attack komo's brian calvert says the details came to light after a prison yard brawl was joshua o'connor's grandmother who discovered the journal back in february a day before the parkland shooting she called nine one one i'm finding journal entries from my grandson he's planning to have a mass shooting at one of the high schools o'connor was arrested and awaits trial later this year for his plan to tack against everett's ace's highschool now court papers alleged the eighteen year old while in jail may have been working on a second plot to attack the school his cellmates says o'connor tried to recruit him for the second attack that cellmate ended beaten to a pulp in the jail yard and early may as o'connor stood nearby the cellmate would later tell deputy that when he told his attorney about o'connor's second plot o'connor must have found out brian calvert komo news olympia police are about to increase the number of officers out on foot patrols olympias walking patrols started in nineteen eightyfive were cut in the recession the olympia and reports two positions were added back after a sales tax increase passed in two thousand twelve overnight foot patrols which were cut in two thousand sixteen are expected to start up again in mid june the two point eight five million dollars a year public safety levy that passed in november will pay for.

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