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Not I just I mean I'm gonna see it will review it you know I'm I'm more interested in the Natalie Portman movie which I'm gonna see. I'm gonna much more just I didn't know what was based on the true story did you know was based on a true story member Vic you probably remember this number years ago when the. I'm sorry my computer's not shutting down to to to affect my almost did I just if you're looking at right now and it's it's showing that. anyway so what was I saying Lucy in the sky TEL yeah it's based on a true story and Vic you might remember this. about years ago I wanna say may be. thirteen fourteen years ago this is real a true story about a female astronaut who was obsessed with a guy and drove all the way down I guess it was to Florida and she it depends on you remember this you're looking at bell she was the only. she was going to kidnap the guy she was obsessed with them yes yes yes it was another astronaut and she drove down to Florida and non stop and she had like depends on and she had a weird bunch of stuff in the car you guys remember I don't remember the details about detail that's the one thing that I did that yeah I remember they made a big deal out of that like she was wearing depends and because she didn't want to stop she wanted to get down there is life is possible thank you kid no no it's a true story and this is based on that I had no idea I leave it up to an astronaut the first two were they don't recognize that the tell that'll save time all went to pay yeah but I mean that was that's a true story mentions obviously shoes shoes very disturbed but I had no idea that the until I Portman was on with Kimmel the other night any one reason I watch Kimmel anytime is if he's got a good Gaston because I can't stand are not Kimmel Fallon. but I did not know that it was based on that story wow yeah that changes what I thought this movie was going to be about yeah now I don't know how accurate it's going to be I it's inspired by this story so I'm just going to probably change a bunch of stuff sure but yeah so help me god if there's no depends I don't know I'm walk right I don't haven't seen it yet so I don't know anyway that's it alright let's take a break here because wanted her been here he's our good friend he's a consumer man he's here to help you out three.

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