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I disagree with those who said season 3 was the worst sure the first five episodes spun their wheels with the arrival of Zava but after the team's trip to Amsterdam I found final the seven episodes to be a delight the finale boasts an exciting battle between AFC Richmond and West Ham while wrapping up character arcs in satisfying but unexpected ways the cat Stevens swan song is perfect out the loud jokes and are there's laugh even a hint of a potential spin -off thank you Ted lasso for comforting us during a pandemic and writing the antidote to our jaded world with the Ted lasso way Jason Fraley to be news UFOs have been long a subject of high interest in folklore and pop culture even with modern technology there's still so much mystery surrounding what they are and where they come from NASA has assembled a UFO research team try to learn more about the mysterious sightings collect data and gather information so what's the next step they're gonna look at different things that NASA could do to collect better data that will better inform them one thing they they kept circling back to you was they think that NASA can build this crowdsourcing platform so that that citizen scientists can record observations in the sky of things that they can't explain they can record it on their cell phone and they can be uploaded to a website where NASA can then curate the good data and pull out helpful stuff and if there is a sighting of something that's truly unexplainable and you have a hundred different cell phones from different angles pointed at and it recording that could be helpful for analysis Wall Street Journal reporter Joseph de Avila tonight on WTOP Coming up, two more big -name Republicans set to enter the race for the White House. We'll talk about them next with Washington Post Live Anchor

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