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This week. We're celebrating friendships and learning how to build stronger connections. I'm your host paula phelps. And today i'm joined by molly galbraith. Founder of the girls gone strong fitness movement and author of the new book. Strong women lift each other up. Molly looks at how supporting one another creates a ripple effect that generates new opportunities and deepen relationships. Let's hear more about how she discovered the superpower called friendship and how all of us can improve our own relationships. Molly welcome to live happy. Now thank you so much. Follow on thrilled to be here. You know you've got an important topic for us to talk about and in a minute we're gonna be talking about the power of friendship and connection but i really wanted to talk before we dive completely into that like why it is so important to you to have a support each other so early on in my life i experienced probably like a lot of women girls some instances of bullying and actually jumping in and being a bully at times and just really wanting to feel as though our belonged was part of the group in part of the in crowd i grew up the one scarcity in my life so my dad was an activist and politician in what he was. Activists for was not super popular at the time and didn't have a lot of money and records divorce tumultuous childhood where i had to switch schools didn't have friends and didn't have cool clothes in this dad that some of the other parents of the kids thought maybe weren't suitable for the kids to be friends with me and things like that so i just struggled along growing up with wanting to belong one connection and wanting to be part of a group of people and i know now as an adult that i have the language i wanted to be loved for who i was and i was really struggling missing that in my early years will. What's interesting is so many times..

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