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The early nineteen sixties and so he was able to develop China's version of whatever kind of sophisticated guidance devices they needed telescopes and so forth but be able to send up rockets and to send satellites up into space sparkle since you've been doing this since so many years how did you get started in this area well I've been totally fascinated by the read yeah basically research showing that they is the deep state or there is the secret government that uses international conflict as a cover for raising the moment sums of money to find secret space program and and so that is something that I was very interested in in two thousand and one yeah my specialty while I was teaching at at the American university one international conflicts so this is just an outgrowth of my research and you know even going back to my PhD thesis which which was on international conflict so a big lot of being very interesting understanding why international conflict continues to perpetuate why these are so intractable and the secret space programs give me a lot of answers because they they explain why why bother sums of money disappear into these kind of black holes that are related to the because of the high technology projects and that the military in the corporations people the secret and that there's a lot of people that refuse the M. in these programs yes I recall the American University did not like the fact that you were dabbling in UFOs and extraterrestrial stories remember that that's right that's right yes and I think I was forced to leave the U. S. yeah I think you were on my shoulder the night before they got you yeah right now all of us truly fulfilled because I only really believes that this information that Steven Greer had come up with with the disclosure project was absolutely correct I mean the research I've done off the approach the disclosure project media was confirming everything Stephen curry had said and and so I was convinced that this was going on and unfortunately the university didn't agree with me and basically stymied immediate return in terms of chronic cooperate any kind of investigation while I was at the university and eventually forced me out when The Washington Post wrote a feature length article on my research show in Long Island New York by Joseph go ahead goal two quick questions first of all you mentioned Jesuits and tails will in any way with eight players and this one von Braun launches of the space age my second question would be about the idea that these pyramids in China were associated with.

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