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We're gonna move on to the second segment that was really productive segment one. There's still two debates to go, Dave Pack or ABC News. A terrible workplace accident in Sutton, a man operating an excavator is killed when the machine tumbles hundreds of feet down a ravine. This happened late yesterday afternoon. Wister County D a job early, says it appears to be an accident. He was very close to the actual crime scene service is investigating. I know where the tracks were with regards to marks on the rocks there. And what led to the truck falling down the excavator falling down into the ravine and a food pantry is robbed will tell you who did it. Right after this 12 33 traffic and weather together clearing conditions lingering showers, though let's get it all right now starting with the traffic and Kevin Brennan On your Wednesday the super retailers up New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's good afternoon. Good afternoon. There, Laurie. Things are reasoning out. But to keep in mind some areas still without power could be affecting some traffic lights here, and there are a lot of second every roadway, so certainly take it easy out there in last night's winds and rain took down a lot of trees, branches and even some power lines in a lot of communities to certainly be careful on the second, every roadways would be leaving the city right now. 93 North bound not to bad over the second bridge and on to the upper deck with that outbound Tobin Bridge. Still heavy delays here off the loop ramp over the bridge to the Chelsea side. We just clear to crash moments ago. It's gonna take some time for these delays to ease out now south of town looking pretty good. Both directions on the expressway Lower into 1 28 South bound. Watch out for crash involving a car off the road here a true one in Denham. Down in Canton. You got multiple poles down. Still has a portion of pleasant street closed between Meadows have and Sherman Street here in Canton and for 95, North bound, slow down to the workers after Exit three in Middleborough. This report sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month of lower speeds during congestion video at 4 80 p c t mobile dot com. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the threes. Kevin. Thank you. Did you see a rainbow? This is rainbow weather, right? I sound like Kermit the frog right now. But we had.

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