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You know that they are there like the kind that Ross Warren friends member and he could. He could barely get them, right. That's right. So Gavin Newsom. You know, we've talked about it multiple times and all of the crazy rules and restrictions that he's had for California. Will he just released along with the California Department? Public health New safety guidelines for all private gatherings, but specifically, this's for Thanksgiving. This is what he busies himself with. This is what he does is out of control. More than three households mock no more, and somebody's going to be checking that I your Thanksgiving door in California. They're gonna be counting say, you've got four brothers and sisters. You can't all get together for Thanksgiving. Someone even if you somehow sneak and do that you are on ly allowed to be together for two hours or less mean what sister is going to stay home? It's going to be you, Jane. You're the one we like. Least to stay on with your family. You can't get together for more than two hours on Thanksgiving. You This mass mitts must stay on after eating and drinking. Yeah, you got to keep your masks on. And it doesn't matter that you're in a house and family. You got to keep those masks on. And also there was a recommendation to actually have Thanksgiving outside, Okay? This's my favorite singing and shouting strongly Discouraged. Can't see And you can't shout. Everybody screams at Thanksgiving. But what were all the fights? I think this is Christmas. This is Thanksgiving. Everybody fights Thanksgiving. Yeah, you do. But you can't because shouting is it poses a very high risk. And what over trance? What you sing it at Thanksgiving? What songs? Do you sing? I'm saying like that's a great dinner. You guys like a big Robbie Williams family like saying is medleys or what is that called doing a lot of singing things kind of like Carol's. Do you sing at Thanksgiving? I'm saying, but I will. All you for sure we are inside and then they say, keep it such he says Keep it Social at a distance and maintain hand high G Oh, my God, This is I actually found the reliever Thanksgiving. You thie Carol been in the family for here. It really isn't Rick Astley about to shark.

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