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Lose weight the first thing you have to do you have to lose weight you're going to get all the health benefits with it and uh so that happens at all ages what we gotta star wanting things down here what can skinny d do for someone listening right now that is interested in what we've been talking about well all the list is long but i'll try to wrap it up here you're gonna start losing weight at a pretty quick pace you're gonna you're gonna start senior skin looks better your nails are look better people are gonna look better but that's not where it stops people are going to get more energy they're going to lower their cholesterol maintain their blood sugars reduce pain by decreasing inflammation and on and in by doing that you have better mood you're going to be less depressed sleep better just gonna get a better sense of wellbeing this is a opportunity to really improve overall health well dr again unfortunately we have only a few minutes left here is there anything else that you want to share with our listeners today before uh before we sign off bly could keep going for awhile m a biggest point is it this is a very good investment in health and could be the least expensive health benefit you could possibly get yourself involved in we just talked about all the benefits you can see from this product in has huge rewards people over to themselves to give this to try and see if they can better their lives and just don't give up that's the biggest thing give this a try and start enjoying life i think that's great advice and dr again again thank you so much for taking time at a busy schedule to be with us today thank you i folks here's your last chance if you.

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