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Get him in though. I'm definitely yes. Gary yeah i'll say yes. I mean bob's openly. Discriminating against fat people as philo fat guy should vote. Guess though i didn't know who was all right so we will say yes to mr heinsohn. Now this is a football one. How about paul horning paul in super bowl champion heisman trophy winner former notre dame great knickknacks always had her. He's warning commercials. The best thing about it tastes great. Billings yes in back in the day. That dude hold down quite a bit of. What's the stuff that they put around the edge of like a door frame. He was quite the ladies man back in the day. He was the original sports gambling scandal. He was pete rose before. Pete rose was pete rose. We'll see throwing games. Well no not throwing games. But he got booed family son of a gun. Yeah he got booed out of the league for year. I think for gambling. So he predated shoeless joe jackson not the original the original all right so we will say to mr horny. How about how catch him. Country singer song remained a lot of country. Singers passed away this year. Every time i see this name. I think god the guy invented dennis. The menace apps not to years small town saturday night with a guess was his big hit. Did not recognizing the songs on the list. I actually am not familiar with that. Saw but miller men is a big fan of his he will demand. How catch you wanna use your exemption. On behalf of hillerman he can have a whole segment and about him on plausible deniability. But he's not gonna make our list next up. How 'bout mirror donna. The hand of god diego maradona might have been afl genius. His was a truly exceptional talent. Both sides of his character the brilliance and the controversial displayed in that quarterfinal against england in mexico. England fans will never forget or forgive the moment. He used his fist to beat. Peter shilton for the game's first goal. The hand of god maradona later called it but no one could argue with the skilled at produced his second in that game. Probably one of the best world cup goals ever but he'll be remembered for many things. Good and bad. Many believe pele and maradona with the best of all time after surgery for a bleed on the brain he was thought to be recovering before cardiac arrest ended. Remarkable life huge right. He is going to be in the discussion later as well. I did not recognize the name but really go. I just said never heard of it. And i kinda feel like oh boy. I just missed this. This is like the michael jordan of soccer him and pay layer that in the fact that is legal troubles the cocaine all that were so high profile that it transcended sports. It was on the regular news. Imagine jordan at his height just it with cocaine and everything else everything just to pieces on him. He was the biggest athlete ever in argentina until genetically. I still think he's bigger than me. So i'm gonna vote. Yes is that how ginobili learn how to flop by watching. There's probably yeah so we're going to have to say yes to mr maradona. I think So last four november that. I have how about david. Prowse mr Darth vader himself. Yes star wars clockwork orange. She was in a movie called jabber. Walkie is that the that's monty python. Yes on him. And i am no and i'll tell you why shot you shot. Because not only was not the voice of darth vader. He wasn't the guy when they took the mask off so he's like third year he wasn't a suit. He's a glorified stuntman okay. So and if that was all he had ever done. I'd be with you but it's not. It was a weightlifter accomplished weightlifter. Yeah conic i mean you know that guy's name because of this so i think we have to say yes on him. I have one that. I do not think we'll make it but i got to bring it up norm crosby. Oh yes going to bring norm crosby. He was huge. He was an all those beer. Commercials back in the seventies. You mean anheuser busch natural light. Just say natural. He doesn't have to call it. Anheuser busch natural light and you have to call an anheuser natural. Hasn't had to call it. Of course natural. Just say natural justice. Right you can call me or you call jane where you re tasting late via just seem natural all. You'd recognize him if you saw him remember him he'd be on the beer commercials beyond the tonight show with johnny carson. Dean martin has a star in hollywood walk of fame and according to a compete which we know is never wrong. He played the judge in eight. Crazy nights okay. You don't have to twist my arm. I'm willing to give him a yes. Everybody else is in agreement. Oh yeah all right we will put in. Let's move into december last month of the year. We're starting with a couple of food related. The first one is bill palmer. American restaurant chore and the co founder of applebee's is that enough to get him in founding applebee's reason to be not one dollar. Margaritas is terrible. I chapel be so chili's or gto close five minutes and representations at chili's meeting my boys you have a reservation at chili's that's actually smart. I mean gets busy on wednesday night. I like applebee's so i would have said. Yes but i've been kicked out of an applebees has a whole advocaat salad. All right so we will say no to mr palmer. Poor applebee's guy music videos girls and black dresses and the red lipstick. Robert palmer S what would we have another restaurant tour here. How about frank carney. He is the co founder of. No he is the co founder of pizza hut now. Do you like pizza. Hut more than you like applebee's just don't know but i'm not going to give it to them. Yeah restaurant guys are just not big enough city. Also invent circus people carnival people all right so we will say no to the inventor of the stuff crust now this one is a little obscure but if i have to use an exemption i will. How about hugh keys. Burn english australian actor but we would know him better as a joe from mad. Max fury road. Did you got madman. And morton joe guy with the mask on his face the guy that otherwise only person getting in as the guy guitar no more. Joe was greatness. Especially when one of his wives get run over. He's oh no one of the three girls that they're trying to escape with the granddaughter. Marie daughter so high pony yes for a very convoluted reason. Use-of-force scape exactly and that was the first fahd cast i ever did go on a regular basis. Was discussing farscape. Gary larson not the far side. Yeah the muppets. Science fiction show out of australia. Yes i will vote for him and i will vote yes just because he s shake laugh and mad. Max bob no scott. I'm saying no jerry. You're the tiebreaker gary. Oh you know what. I'm going to save my exemption for later. So we're going to say no to morton. Joe how about david lander actor laverne shirts and framed. Roger rabbit squeaky. Yeah absolutely oh hello. He's a first ballot right. Absolutely how about this. Maybe more of a local fred akers. Former texas longhorns coach he also the coach of wyoming and purdue that enough to get him in see i would feel yes just because of the local ties. Ut is awful tough on their coaches. Jessie yes bob. Close but now scott. I had him as a yes for as ut tie gear. And i knew his name really on the fence about. I'll say yes all right. You know what. I'm gonna see us too. I'm gonna give it to mr acres next up..

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