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The Kennedy center is at the end of this piece born says the mail swans offer fascinating interpretation psychological things prince to come love who he wants to love you know she's very contemporary it also allows for beautiful costumes by less brought their sin what he's created in the show is pretty iconic look of the male swan is almost as famous as the ballerina to to this kind of creature looks combination of a man of the you'll never forget Tony night when I'm back in my speech I come face to face with how prince who's also nominated he wasn't looking very happy Cup two years later she finally met how skinny just look today said you stole my seven year old here are full channel WTOP dot com Jason Frehley deputy of the news this sexual assault trial of Harvey Weinstein now under way this week in New York City after about four hours opening statements the prosecution called its first witness a man on the board of Harvey Weinstein's movie company they attempted to paint him as someone with enormous power in Hollywood with someone who spoke with celebrities and presidents on a daily basis wind scenes attorney told jurors that what they were hearing his defense would be shocking that even after alleged rapes occurred accusers maintain a relationship with them even going to red carpets as his guest prosecutors say the accusers acted the way they did out of fear shame and humiliation more witnesses will be called Thursday the trial could last more than a month mac Piper CBS news New York coming right up on WTOP this early Thursday morning for him a teacher suspected students were cheating now we have early results of a state investigation hi Michelle bash it is Thursday morning January twenty third welcome and four thirty eight double if you get a fifty nine dollar precision furnace tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight months rather can weather on the aids and when it breaks a good ride around the capitol beltway early through Maryland and Virginia no incidents in the roadway.

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