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That ramp you've got delays on the western spur to northbound getting up to sixteen w but an earlier accident completely cleared away northbound on the Garden. State Parkway as you're approaching route two eighty some volume as well starting to build up as you want, to watch out for. That if you're on the sprain and your northbound getting up to run Heather Dell road in Ardsley. Some construction they're slowing. Things down also a little slow in the northbound Merritt Parkway as you're getting through. Greenwich to exit twenty eight that is, also construction some good news, on the, four train service has resumed north of one hundred forty ninth grand concourse in both directions earlier switch problems at Burnside avenue cleared away but still have delays of up to thirty minutes in both directions between Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale a switch problem near central Islip the cause of that. Next traffic update less than ten minutes away on WCBS live to the. Weather center meteorologist Bob Larsen with us on a steamy afternoon we're going to, see, heat index readings right around one hundred very. Close To one hundred and some areas already at this, hour Steve, we're going, to stay hazy hot. In here with the sand dune sunshine a few clouds ninety three for the, high and partly cloudy of warranted sticky tonight a hazy sky and a lower wages seventy six auntie Hibbard weather again tomorrow partly sunny a high of ninety currently it's Eighty-six in West Point it's. Up to ninety five and teeter bro where the heat index is reached ninety nine the sour curd temperature, midtown ninety today's high. At ninety three Steve all right thanks Bob police are still trying to untangle this odd story from. Yesterday a man hiding. In a restaurant freezer died not long after he was found in there and as. We hear from Mike sugarman the how, and the why still seem, to be, a mystery the reaction from regulars hearing the story of Sarah Beth's restaurant I mean what and here is the story when workers went into the freezer Sunday morning they found a guy there they didn't know who he was he grabbed a knife and he started to attack them. Every aspect of it is shocking that would be shocking enough but after They knocked the knife out of his hand. He said he needed an ambulance. One came later died in. The hospital Oh my gosh That's crazy police aren't sharing or don't know many other details except that the dead man was fifty, four years old, Sarah Beth's restaurants airbag system as round as long as I can remember. In this neighborhood I'm living in this neighborhood thirty three. Years or something There is no indication that Edmund was associated with. The, restaurant in any way, other than he, had been in the freezer on the Upper West side Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty Yankees and Mets both licking their wounds from the weekend the. Good news some teams that aren't very good. Are on the schedule..

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