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The family dynamic initially lorenzo told entertainment tonight initially come on of course it would my friend said what would you possibly have in common with a person that's thirty years younger than you and i told them everything if i have been watching that episode and heard lorenzo lamas say that i would have laughed extremely hard lorenzo has six children six son aj and shane from his marriage to smith daughter patently from his relationship with daphne ash brook daphne ash brook that just sounds like someone who's models thongs and daughters alexandra victoria and isabela lorenza was shauna sand are opening up about the pair's relationship in june two thousand seventeen twelve months after the date llamas listed for the separation he told fox news she told fox news that she first met llamas through a friend who suggested the duo should link up but the actor had a girlfriend at the time lorenzo said oh i would love to but i have a girlfriend craig explained so it was kind of an awkward transition i thought we could be friends you're the surrogate mother of his grandchild he's got a girlfriend and you're saying it's awkward and you can be friends it gets better however a week after meeting for the first time llamas ask craig out letting her know that he had broken up with his girlfriend i and three months later he popped the question probably because he was waiting for her to lose the baby fat from carrying his grandchild he showed me the ring and i said oh no no no craig remarked i mean it had only been three months we were engaged for a little over a year and then we got married in mexico it was great the pair said i do in kabul assam lucas new rule you know what i'm not even gonna say new rule there's too many rules can i say you don't marry the surrogate baby carrier of your children in mexico could we just even say like you have to have the nerve to marry him in las vegas if you can walk into the little chapel at the west with a straight face then you can get her done does that make me a bad person i know i know you guys are listening sainte monique you did a horrible horrible job of covering your your snark i think he used to be on like falcons crashed or knots landing i think that's where he i was like the hot young turk on one of those nighttime dramas in the dynasty era and to be clear he was very very very handsome so with his father and he's still handsome but there's a thing that men in hollywood do that i'm gonna call manorexic where they think that like if they stay very slim and dye their hair that they're gonna look young i'm going to be honest with you it doesn't look good on men and it doesn't look good on women but it really manorexic like you're better off a little bit chubby with those salt and pepper temple's just saying this is the money show on kfi am six forty toss into michael shapiro with real non llamas news yes across the country have been held to demand the trump administration reunite families and family separation in detention at the border families belonged together protests in washington dc took place in lafayette square cross with the white house sister marches happened in more than seven hundred cities across the nation and cluding downtown la the policy director of the national domestic workers alliance says the zero tolerance policy is trump's policy and he has the ability to get rid of the policy at any time pastor thomas dixon who is a candidate for mayor of charleston has joined protesters in front of the us customs house and perfect and nobody we perfect but we still are going to get this job done whether you know it or not we got a job to do their job is one thing and one thing only right now to make america america again dixon is protesting the trump administration's have grayson policies in general saying that he is outraged over the injustices coming out of the white house to cal poly pomona employees have died after a stabbing on campus police say a public safety officer was found stabbed to death in his vehicle yesterday afternoon shortly after a report came in about.

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