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To the lounge. Everybody come alive a little bit. Look forward to the to the future and new beginnings take off those cycles and free muscles on um from what is bigger fish to fry right now. Such as my mom's health shot onto my mom. You're still fighting this fight. I love you. And so all these joffe momma love you mom. We got this got this clean. I mean so yes so with that said first of all. If you're not follow me on twitter. Please go on twitter at lowe's lounge n. g. you already know on instagram lows nouns underscore podcast follow. We reach out to me. But you know what you've been thinking. Let me know if you connected to this episode offer. Let him bring anybody down too much. I'm feeling really good. start cooking. Fry some fish white rice with red kidney beans and corn on the side. Yeah that's where. I'm going to catch up with some stuff on the internet and we're gonna take one day at a time but i'm glad i was able to express and get this off my chest today and i hope he had that it respectful matter. Hopefully it comes off for the love and you know again. It's not wasn't about to be a. It was not meant to be a pity story type episode or whatnot Just reminds we are going through things and it's just another thing on my plate but at this point i'm willing i'm willing. I'm reclaiming my time and became memento. Space i'm reclaiming my emotional space and just pick up the pieces. And i started out two thousand twenty beginning couple months two months no single. And here's two thousand twenty one single and we'll pick up that energy and get into it again and we won't be good lifestyle. He's going to be good and we're all going. Dot is great software. So thanks for listening. Appreciate you support can stand in the back..

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