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Great nephew. Bob. We just know him his phone because EM hasn't shared much with other than he's lived in various places, America. Single has no living relatives. He's never married. You attended community college near doylestown, Pennsylvania, briefly EM wrote freelance feature stories in the eighties and nineties. Though, I've yet he says he's yet to see clipping and he's struggled with depression and mental illness you sixty four years old. He lives in New Jersey. We do know his last name. He hasn't given it on the air. But the the company that provides Bob's board. This board the spirit board. He says a woman friend of his gets the checks for the for the for the board. EM or EP? The he he just he's he's EP I guess on the board on the show. So I gotta ask you a few more questions. So EM is an EP or or did you decide to just change? I mean, what's. You want to be anonymous is that right or do you want to give your name? I was feeling threatened. I didn't wanna do the talk on your you. Didn't do the show tonight. We hard time getting you on right? But I just said, you know, my first name is E P is my mother's name as my father starts with my dad's name. So I just I just told the guy, you know, the guy that Mr. Roach. I don't wanna get into it. I don't you know, it just felt uncomfortable. Do you do this because you're ashamed of your brother? Oh, you're sorry. You're you're great uncle. Well, a little bit. I don't want to be known for that. You know, I could have had some some part some challenges. I guess you'd say I'm good person. No, I've had that sorts bad thoughts. Like what? Is doing bad things, and I've talked to people, and they said, you know, like they said, it's not uncommon. I had something called schizo affective disorder schizophrenia form disorder. Skit selective excuse so affective disorder, and it's it's mostly depression. But it's kind of. I if I don't take my medications for a long time. And I forget if I see if everybody's smiling at me. A lot of people smiling, then I feel bad. And then I eventually. I have a friend. You know, she'll catch me. And then I realized that I haven't been taking I have takes a big called in vk and lithium things like this. You know? So have you been have you ever been told your danger to others when you get this way? Oh, no, I'm I'm very kind danger to anybody. Very kind nature. You live alone. Why live alone? But my next door neighbor is if good friend, and we were really good friends. Do you have a dog or cat? Yeah. Okay. Good. I have a dog good. I'm a nice person. I just it's not I don't I'm a little ashamed at this is how I make my living. You know? I just I was just happened to be Bob heady when he died, you know, he had a place in. I don't know if you know, we're the pines are in New Jersey. No, I've only been to Grover smell actually I've been growers mill. Okay. But there's a place called the pine Barrens, which are very kind of creepy. But there's a place down in Tom's river. And and it was near there that he had a place and then in his garage yet. He had a lot of projects that he he was always doing some creative stuff when he settled down a little bit, right? And in this one leather bag was the board, and it was the board because he felt guilty. And he wanted to contact his dead victims is that why he made the board. That's right. He he was he was very scary person. And I think he was up to a lot of things, and he would always who my dad, he said, he would always show pictures of girls that he was dating all the time, you know, and my dad's thought that was sui 'cause you said he was homosexual. And he he told me when I got older that he thought those people that he had done things to sell the pictures. And so when we when he died, we went to the place is just remember was kind of Canaveral looking house on the edge of the pine Barrens. They had always close and all that stuff. And he had he was making posters to sell, you know, just like in the seventies. And they threw at all that stuff. But I I asked my uncle was really like the. I can executor guy taking over the state nothing of value. But he let me have the board. And he said, this is explained that this was the thing that that he built for that reason because when he had a very bad car accident, and they said he wasn't gonna make it, but he didn't make it and it changed his personality in my dad said that he got a conscience because he didn't have one even though he was like charming to us. Some scary about him. And then when he had the accident, he changed he changed. And that's when he made this. He had some skills that artists like a graphic.

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