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I got here, there was definitely a celebratory mood with those folks. They were just sort of to the right in the front of the capitol, and they were actually chatting. Hey, hey, goodbye. They were playing loud music. There's an air of celebration among those folks. And actually, it was just speaking with a family from Tennessee who was visiting and they decided to come here for the day, a woman said, you know, I wasn't there when the Berlin Wall fell but I can be there for this. Interesting, oftentimes these protests have some sort of point to them in terms of action that they're encouraging people to take. Are you seeing organizing whether it be at the ballot box or other forms of activism? This is definitely bringing out, I would say activists of all stripes, especially on the left, you know, people here who's maybe day job is working and voting rights or civil rights. They are coming out for this saying that this is a human rights issue. In terms of next steps I think it's still, they're still trying to figure that out. I mean, I spoke to one activist who was saying, we hope that Congress now will act to protect abortion, but she doesn't have a lot of confidence at will. I've also seen people here with the D.C. abortion fund trying to raise funds for that so that in the places where abortion is still legal, there will be funds for women to still get those. One of the two important points that President Biden ended his remarks with today was that he wanted all protests to be peaceful, no intimidation, he said, threat is not speech. Are the protests you're seeing, peaceful? It feels very peaceful. I mean, people are fired up for sure. There's cops that the fringes, you know, there's definitely protections here, keeping people out of safe distance from the from the court itself. But even though there are these two groups that feel so vehemently about the subject, just hear sort of mixing, it doesn't feel hostile or violent at all. It feels very peaceful. Although I assume still a strong reaction and people are passionate on both sides. Absolutely. People are people are definitely fired up and holding signs that just express their dismay at what has happened. A woman is holding a sign saying, I can't believe it's easier to get a gun than to get an abortion in this country. You know, there's a lot of big feelings out here today. And so, you know, things are calm now, but there's a lot of people here, and I think the crowds are just going to continue to grow throughout the day. NPR's Laura Walmsley outside of the Supreme Court, thank you so much. You're welcome. This is here and now. On the next radio lab. It's like

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