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Drone in the strait of Hormuz near the Persian Gulf precedence is the Iranian drone was threatening the safety of an amphibious assault ship the USS boxer Mr from says the unmanned aircraft ignored multiple calls to stand down the drone was immediately destroyed president describes it as a defensive action this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran against vessels operating in international waters last month the Iranian shot down a U. S. drone which had the president considering but then halting the retaliatory strike Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House the only CBS news time is eleven thirty three CBS news special report president trump says he will nominate lawyer Eugene Scalia to be his new labor secretary Scalia is a son of the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia he is a partner in the Washington office of the Gibson Dunn and Crutcher law firm has a magic name in Republican politics this will be a winner not just with from space but with all Republicans the his father obviously the late Supreme Court justice was probably the favorite court justice of conservative Republicans political analysts from the university of Virginia center for politics Larry Sabato what trump has done is to please the Republican base where he's already at ninety percent or higher the president's previous labor secretary Alex Acosta resigned last week he came under renewed criticism for his handling of a two thousand eight plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey apps the CBS news special report on that paper it's eleven thirty four anyone on social media the past week or two knows folks have been having a lot of fun with this face app and seeing how old the app projects in the look in the future it will sit minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York is not having fun with it at all he wants the FCC Federal Trade Commission I should say to investigate face sap the potential for our facial data and the data from all of our friends and family contained in our photos to fall into the hands of something like Russian intelligence of the Russian military is really troubling now Schumer says that because Faye sap was built by a Russian company that ask for deep access to the user's data the Democratic National Committee is asking all the twenty twenty presidential campaigns to not use face sap it's eleven thirty five now to Philadelphia where police their fire thirteen officers after an investigation into offensive Facebook posts and a total of seventy two officers getting discipline and all this at over three hundred officers with the Facebook post checked well police commissioner Richard Ross junior says it's a shame good cops got tainted by the bad we have some of the best and brightest and some of the most giving police officers in the nation and saddened for them that they have two indoor essentially this black guy because some of their members decided to resort to such behavior an investigation started after a nonprofit group published the results of a two year review of personal Facebook posts or comments from officers in Philly and seven other police departments it's eleven thirty six this is doubly CBS on aired AT and on demand only on the radio dot com app which can download for free then listen anytime anywhere everybody.

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