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Made but is i think some we can really grow from keiron hegde ran for two hundred yards and three touchdowns of that really help me we should get out in that particular game and then in the evening michigan state had won a 13th three lead at halftime and they had two you'll know that was thirteen to three that was that was michigan michigan and a thirteen to three again all these games that i was watching all mixed up with the certainty to six at the half year that michigan staking right and then michigan state wound up scoring what six in the third touchdown in the fourth to just beat minnesota thirty two twenty seven and that due in large part to their running back lj scott in what's interesting about lj scott and i don't know if you recall this or not but what was it in the game against michigan's date remember a last week there were playing michigan yep and the in that game because maybe he was fumbling he did thumbing last night he didn't play at all yeah in that particular game right yeah he uh i think head coach marc de antonio kinda elected to keep him on the bench in such a big game because he really had a problem keeping hold of football and fact after one of the game they made him hold the football uh we're everyone except the class but wherever you went after he did those fumbles on the goal line that kind of thing they were at making sure that he would carry the ball where everyone so we got accustomed to not fumbling and and a interestingly after the game they were asking him about not playing last week but doing really well in the game yesterday in live on been out there were those guys again um definitely miss glass week a big game um on i was on ceylon stand fired up but a uh it was nice coming back on men they were give back on a film umbrellas and such conditions existing there in minneapolis well um the the the key this week was whose patience and a loser we we need to be able to rest for honey ours and a does so that is definitely something we are executed today in a allahyar microbes at our own llanos gaza front for our clearinghouse for me in a million mcguinness armed on one hundred ninety four yards for lj scott.

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