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And what was your answer? Do you ever? I think because I was like a gung ho young actress, you know, who just wanted. I wanted to do it because I didn't think I could do it. And you know, and like I said to gain all that weight now is just like a single twenty three year old, and I just lost all the weight that I had from high school, you know, like how long did it take to get rid of that kind of a while? And it messed me up a bit tough. Yeah. And there was one agent to who told me not to do this part. I remember because he said, I would forever be, you know. Well, I mean, I am forever. The girl in the pit. Let's face it. No, what your your resume is extensive. Yeah. I don't know that when people see you and all these other roles, they think of that. Maybe when they find out you're an actress and find out what you've done resonates with them. But yeah, yeah. He. He kind of thought, oh, you'll just be the fat girl, which at times I've wished I was. My husband likes to say that I'm not thin enough to play the fat girl in Hollywood or I'm not fat. And I don't know. You know what I mean? This is the husband that dropped you up. Yes. Books. Light reading. Oh my God. Okay. So you got the role do nerve Sutton. Is it more excitement? Am I got? I was freaking out. And my parents in my house that I grew up in this is so ridiculous. But I had the there was this weird storage room. And I thought I feel what it feels like because I imagine he's not like leaving a light on for me. Like, so I kind of went in there, and, you know, locked myself in there and tried that. And I don't know it's just horrifying, isn't it? The whole thing is just did you do any kind of research on people that have been through this kind of thing. I didn't. That's it's fair enough to be able to use your imagination on something like this. And I imagine is there anything to where you're using the nerves of this huge production that you are now thrust into toward like almost the same sense of feeling prisoner. Yes, the fear of that one hundred percent totally might as well use it. Right. Right. Gosh. I was just gonna say something supper found. Oh, I know that scene where I got precious. I remember I remember just the whole part. This is very personal forcing me to come to terms with the fact that I had some issues and that maybe I would have given up if you were in that. Situation Catherine Smith, I mean. Yeah, exactly. Like, I just realized because of the same last name. No. We don't Martin you just you just went crazy because I was thinking your your mother's lowest Smith, but I was thinking of the Senator. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I just mean like, you know, going like oh God. I don't know that I would fight for my my own life like this. So then I had to like go into their be and look at some things, you know, you realize that during the shoot you think I think just after maybe during or somehow I don't know I remember running into Jonathan because he then moved to my hometown. Which was really weird which is where well, it's he was in Nyack. And I was over the hill. This is in Rockland county. I was in orangeburg. And I ran into him at some yoga class. And I remember trying to tell him, you know, dude, you made me confront all my demons or whatever. And he was like, okay, great. I'll see in class. Yeah. But it is true. It's true. I have to say, and that's a cool thing about my job. So then what was it like finding it in this character to get her way out to take control where you think maybe you might not have. Was that just because you knew it was in the script. And you you found your way there come hell or high water, or did you think about it at all? Did I think about what the fact that you wouldn't maybe have done that that, you know? Road from yourself to go to that. I think I just came up against it. And I thought oh, right..

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