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The NFL. You can check out his work on that site. Follow him on Twitter. And again, he consistently is writing in my opinion. Just really really interesting stuff that I'm not seeing elsewhere. So when he prints publishes a new story when the ring as a new story, I'm always quick to read it a really big admire of what he's doing. Kevin thanks so much again. I know it's been a long weekend safe travels from New Orleans to Los Angeles. And thanks so much for joining us on these sports media podcast. Thank you so much for all right back in the studio. My thanks to Laura Rutledge and Kevin Clark for two interesting conversations. Thanks as always Pellegrino for putting this podcast together. Previous sports. Media podcasts include John ran for a discussion on ESPN's interest in Super Bowl, Austin, Murphy and Daniel Dale James, Andrew Miller, who is a regular on this podcast, Chelsea James and Bruce Feldman Chelsea Jane's, the Washington Post now covering the twenty twenty campaign, Tom achieve Howard Beck, Rebecca Lobo, China Robinson, Rachel Nichols. Candice Parker journal hill. Renee, young police head over to the sports media with Richard is page on either apple podcasts or Stitcher Google play or wherever we get podcasts. And check it out. And if you like the stuff, please leave us review and ratings. That's that's how it stays. All right for everybody at cadence thirteen for loophole Reno. This Richard is we'll see again on the sports media. Richard ipod..

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