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Could send it there. There you go. Fantasy focus podcast All right. Field Yates. What do you got here for now? Are we taking the position that we have Josh Gordon or whether we would offer this for Josh, offering this four, John? This is what I'm so I'm gonna read you a couple of names from Twitter users. You guys tell me if you would take this trade or if it's too much value to give for Josh Gordon. So these are this assumes that we're trying to acquire. Yes. Got it. Okay. All right. From Jerry, I understand the premise now Amari Cooper or will fuller for Josh Gordon. I would keep Amari Cooper. I would trade willfuller. I agree with field. I'm I'm both. I'm going to be kind of boring on this one. I'm gonna. I'm gonna keep fuller too. I liked it. You think you're going to be kind of boring just on this point, but. Okay, we'll move on. Yeah. Right, right. Like it shots fired. All right. This one comes from hall, Doug Baldwin for Josh Gordon. I would try jug Doug Baldwin for Josh Gordon. I would too. I think, again, because we just don't know what's going on with the knees. Yep. Yeah. The injuries, the key. If if Baldwin was healthy, it would be a no for me, but I would agree with that moves the needle. All right. From Lucas Kosta Michael Crabtree or Josh Gordon. I would Trade Michael crapshoot for Josh Gordon. Yes, I would. This is the definitive. Yes. For me, I would go Crafter. Crutcher. He would. You would you? Are Are you you ready? ready for for for Gordon John Brown's who I wanted that a pass. Catching pass, catching court. All right. From James Shaw, LA Shawn McCoy would trade Leshan McCoy for Josh Gordon. I am super nervous about the Shawn McCoy. I would trade Shawn McCoy for those binge as in your Instagram. Those are really good. They really tasty to know here I, you know, man, you know what? Against the chargers. They ended up starting to pile up some yards. I mean, they were moving the ball. I know. The Viking bear this week, but he's I, I still see him getting. What's he's healthy back on the field getting fifteen plus guy. You know, I'm gonna guy. There is upside there. There's there's a high floor for McCoy. He's getting the touches k. from Justin Phillips Kenny golladay or Josh Gordon God. I love kinda golladay my little baby Tron JJ's maybe on that. I've stolen that nickname. I think I'm still. That's a tough. Here's why I'm keeping Kenny gallon. I think that the upside of Kennedy all day is like a top fifteen hundred here. What it is you've been there there. Number one, you can make the case. He's been there. Number players. If your Bank. Penny golladay. This one from Jeff pit, Mark Ingram or Kennedy or Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon or Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon. I hate Mark Ingram, Josh Gordon move. I went and girls. Oh. You don't Mark Ingram. I don't like good play with marketing. I don't like veggie players. I don't like backup running. Backs k. we'll speak in a backup running backs. Mr.. Eddie wants to know Austin, Equitor, Josh Gordon Gordon easy, Josh Gordon come on now. But I mean, just the fact that some would just show you like the the stock of Austin actor that that's even getting brought up that somebody out there thought that was rat and ballista more real. It's going to be more real than he's got, Josh Gordon could be out of football in a month. Right? I'm right. Come on. We're still, but you could also when you're you're league Austin cler. That is correct. Present is a these. These, who's which one of these is the closest you about trade with real quickly. Cooper cut my little Cooper Cup. I think I'd rather my little Cooper cop. I'd rather Josh Gordon here side. I'm going to link up. I'm going to go Cup. What about Robert woods? What what's do I I like they're all all three of those guys are full-time players in that Rams offense. It's going to score a ton of points. They've all gotten there so far, there's ton. They're all in my stat. Oh, if they're all top twenty five at receiver, there's plenty to go around in that often. Here's to quick good ones that I thought was good to Bret howls suggests Larry FitzGerald. Boy, I'm so nervous about FitzGerald. Ten cardinals offense. Yeah, I love fits, but yeah, I'd lean fits..

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