Orlando, Dana Lash, President Trump discussed on Laura Ingraham


Type of medical care is let them die. All right. Let me go back to Orlando with my family in Orlando. I think we're going to talk about the the president the president pulling the plane on a Nancy Pelosi Racine is back from Orlando. Welcome to the Dana show was up regime. I just thought that it was interesting as I recall, and I've listened tried to listen to all of this. I can but everyone really yelled and yelled about the fact that when the president announced he was pulling out of Syria. One of the big things they said was he shouldn't have said anything he shouldn't be talking about it. Basically he should have held what he was going to do under his Cup. I am I right about that. I don't recall what they were argument on the left. But that that would make sense that they would make that type of argument. Yes. So it sounds to me like the Democrats who were screaming about that got exactly what they wanted because he never opened his mouth about what he was gonna do what Nancy Pelosi and her team a democrat from that airplane until they were sitting in the seat. He kept real quiet about it. Please he took a bit of their advice. South until he did it. Good observation. Thank you racing. And again, a big hug, although or Danish show affiliate family in Orlando. Forty seven minutes after the hour. Talkline on the Danish. Oh, eight four four three forty four. Dana a four four three four four thirty to sixty two broadcasting still from taxes this time deep south, Texas, right here on the US Mexico border in mcallen, Texas. I'm Sergio Sanchez for our friend. Dana lash. I'm Nick Soboleski, a selectquote agent with a true story that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. A woman named.

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