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I don't care what anyone says. He had one good playoff run. Was he done since what's he done flacco at one point, his career was a late and then after that Super Bowl run, he fell off. He got over hyped people thought he was great quarterback in reality. He's not that great. He's, he's a, he's a, he's a game solid. He's a solid is a game manager. Perfect example, game manager, not meth. I guess he's down a guy that can carry your team to a win, but I would think mariota still over him mariota. As more mobile can throw the ball better, I believe than flacco and I think heaves more weapon. I think flacco maybe got a little too complacent to and he got way overpaid. Yeah. I mean my opinion way overpaid. I'd say winning that Suba was probably the worst thing that happened to the ravens giving you did have to pay him and then speaking of flacco Andy ravens, they did beat the Broncos twenty seven to fourteen case keenum another game manager. He had just like a one good solid year with a good team around him, and that took him. And I think people forget about flacco. He threw a lucky pass in the against the Broncos ironically, divisional round two. What's his name? He was only number twenty rate. He was term and also for today. Thank you. Yeah, that's how much he's been doing since then. No one's heard from sense. Flacco pre SuperBowl was elite flacco posible was not like I wouldn't even say pre-civil. I would say that one playoff run it. He's elite that one season I wouldn't say before then I wouldn't say after my I can't really argue your point there. You are right and case keenum again, same thing, one good year. He and he's been a journeyman like we said before, ever since he's not. He's not a franchise quarterback. He is a guy you put in when you have a good team around him. Yeah, on a guy that can make other people look good because this one only three or four hundred and ninety two yards pick Philip Lindsay thin film. Lindsey objected from his game. I think he did. I believe he went into a dog pile early and third start throwing punches. Yeah, his like really gotta get a, not a good mental thought then meant I think I don't know if he was defending someone or. But it was not a smart decision? Yes, we finished before you gotta check before cares. Twenty yards that opened up the door for rice for him, and he didn't really take advantage. Thirteen carries fifty three yards. He's keenum because I thought they thought they, that was the final puzzle and winning reality. That's not the case at all. They're looking back to that year with Peyton Manning where they won the Super Bowl when manning was absolutely garbage in his last season. But I mean, the defense and the receivers around him did enough to get far deck surgery that was like before the call. It's that last. I think it was just more what did he get surgery in his last season. I don't think his last season was just father time catching up to and his defense was elite. Yeah, one of the best defense of all time that year when you have to leave in Chris Harris, junior von Miller, you had everyone at one position like dominating? Yeah. And with this Broncos team, it's not the same. Obviously, and case keenum is not paying manning or anyone that is. He's not. He's not a quarterback. Make people better. Like I said before guy that does manage the game, and if you have good players around him, just get the ball, those players, but it'll have that Thomas not that guy anymore. He's not playing well at all much older and you'll get flacco two hundred seventy seven yards. One touchdown. I mean those do those numbers managing game numbers to me. Alex Collins eighteen carry sixty eight yards and a touchdown buck Allen six. Six carries seven yards in touch touchdown there. John Brown, who I ended up picking up on my fantasy team. I mean he's been solid for the ravens won. He Crabtree I guess, quote unquote, is there one, but Brown has been the better receiver through three gaps. He's done nothing since leaving San Francisco, Oakland. I'd say he was solid car one season with car when they went to the playoffs Scher..

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