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The vaccine is FDA approval over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one shot Last night. In that speech, he rolled out requirements for federal workers, contractors and vendors. Biden also directed the Department of Labor to come up with requirements for businesses that employ more than 100 people. Now that requirement could directly impact many Coloradans K away. News Radio's Chuck Clark is live at the story. April Cholera labor officials Say more than 36% of the state's workforce can be affected by the federal mandate. The largest group is healthcare. The president says businesses can face a $14,000 fine for failure to comply. Denver Attorney Brian Kuh told our partners of Fox are doing that It's best for them to just go along with that, For now, I would recommend employers abide by it For now. If we court challenges terrible to the federal government, you would not be in a good position. Coon said. The mandate does raise other questions, verification and medical privacy laws and whether employers can ask for health information about other conditions that aren't related to covid. Hakurk Away news radio. So is it time For these tougher requirements, or is this government overreach? You're giving us your opinion on Facebook and Twitter. Millions of Americans going to take time out tomorrow to remember and honor the men and women killed in the terrorist attacks. On September 11th 2000 and one army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rodriguez led a National Guard platoon to ground zero. It was too late to save his sister, Lisa, who worked in the twin towers. I started hearing this The most eerie, gut wrenching, devilish sound. Of impending death. President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden plan to visit all three places where the attacks happened. Just as then President Obama did on the 10th anniversary. There will also be events in the metro area as well. It starts today with the dedication of a permanent tribute at the I. A, that is going to be made from steel from the World Trade Center. A ceremony will also be held at the Colorado Freedom Memorial. Tomorrow. Stair Climbs will be held at Denver. In Denver as well as in Morrison. The Red Rocks climb has already reached its registration capacity, no charges against the Arapahoe County sheriff over a bar fight. Sheriff Brown says he was acting to defend his wife after she was asked to step in Denver G A. Beth McCann says she will not charge Wrap a whole county Sheriff Tyler Brown over a scuffle that happened at a Greenwood Village bar last month. In part, she reason that all parties were drinking and their testimony is not reliable. She also said the potential victims of the sheriff do not wish to press charges. McCann called Brown's actions irresponsible and unprofessional for an elected sheriff. The sheriff says he was protecting his wife and looks forward to putting these events behind him. Cathy Walker K away news radio. There's a plea deal in a Denver murder case. Benjamin Satyrs Weight is accused of killing Joshua locker, dismembering his body and putting it in a couple of suitcases Saturday. Wait, is pleading guilty in exchange for a 25 to 30 year sentence. The suitcases were found by city of Denver employees clearing snow from a sidewalk late last year..

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