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Nikko? He was pretty disappointing. You know, I think he really looking for Nikko to rebound from that poor performance at Churchill Downs in the slob in the Kentucky jockey club. And it's just starting to make me wonder, you know, was he ever really that good or did he just gone wrong or or the trips not working out for him these last races? I'm not really sure. Yeah. And you mentioned last week two reservations about the Breeders Cup juvenile. And I think that just starts to add to it. I was willing to put a line through his racing Kentucky. I think it had a wide trip that day was drawn way outside and just didn't show up at all. He ran a little better this time. But certainly nothing like is Breeders Cup performance. And just not a whole lot of upside that I can see from here unless he can get a clear lead, which generally doesn't happen. If you stay on the Kentucky, Derby trail things only get tougher from here. Yeah. I don't wanna make it sound like I'm just knocking game-winner because I mean game wonders probably gonna come back and win both of his preparations pretty easily. Given where they're gonna run him that that's just the reality of it. But I mean, I think you do have to question a little bit the competition that he was facing last year. Just given the way that Knicks has come back, given the way the gun metal grey has come back and not really move forward, and perhaps taken a step backwards. Well-defined did come out of the Cup juvenile's. Well win this race. But I don't wanna put too much stock in horse. That was a non factor in a race like the Breeders Cup and elevate the the race because of that. So we'll see I'm not really sure where these orces stand moving forward because the performances have been all over the place. I think there will be some other words come into the Tampa Bay derby some allowance horses that will discuss and a little bit that'll make that that raise a little more interesting than this Davis was, but we'll see if these factors moving forward. The other race that I think we have to discuss just in terms of graded stakes events for three Roach. When the past weekend was the San Vicente out in California where Coliseum I think it's safe to say at this point. He's been exposed. Yeah. He was another one almost like so of I've I mean, I have no idea how you can make this worse. Three to five. He was twenty two to one in the derby future writer at the close of bedding. I mean, it just like boggles the mind. Yeah. I mean, I don't know that I'd want them at two hundred twenty two one. There's nothing to see here. I guess it's the Smith Baffert thing, and it's hard to fall people. I mean, they basically win everything out there. But this just goof off last time out he just didn't look competitive at all. And I didn't see much of the same. There's no I saw much of the same this time others there's no figures in our chart ship, but my assistant southern California. He did he know the winter sparky Ville is gonna get it'll be around the one oh nine which is solid. But I don't know that any of these are really derby horses. He looks like a sprinter. Good effort by him. He did get a little bit. Nice setup. The pace was pretty quick imagine. At least one of the fractions will be coded and read when when the figures make it to the charts. But other net is not a whole lot. That talk about here. I think we're looking more at sprinters than anything else. The one who is that. I do want to follow a little bit moving forward is actually Bob efforts other horse Desmond. Because within the context of the race. I'm not like you're saying, I'm not sure how strong this really is. But within the context of the race. I think he did run the best because he actually broke a little bit slower than Coliseum out of the gate and had to rush up to contest that pace. That was definitely a least honest, maybe fast. And I thought he battled back really gamely when sparky Bill came to him in the stretch. If you watched the forces crossing, the wires sparky Ville actually was lucky to just get his head in front of right at the finish. Because soon as they gallop out Desmond runs right ahead of that horse and gallops out ahead of them. He's got some pedigree to stretch out. He's by union rags? He's out of a damn that's a half smokin frog who want a bunch of route races on the dirt. So maybe he does better moving forward. You know, maybe he just like the wet track union rags to they seem to like sloppy tracks. I'm not really sure if he's that good just based on what he was. Facing in this race? But he's the one horse that I would be a little bit interested in moving forward. And for those familiar with our speed figures, we actually it's not just final time. We look at the pizzas. Well, and just looking at the worksheet I sent to my assistant there. I'm pretty sure he's going to get a higher speed figure than sparky Ville by pointer to just because of being a little bit closer to the peace battling up front of little bit more. So you know pointer to not a huge deal, but he would be the one to get to look at going forward out of here. All right. Well, those were the two graded stakes that run for three roles last weekend. But one of the most talked about races with actually I'm allowance race the took place at Gulfstream Park. We just mentioned how call him off at twenty to one of the derby future raider, actually, another horse who wasn't participating in graded stakes. Also went off at that price when they closed wagering for this round of the future wage, and that was global campaign who won his second start in. I believe the tenth race at Gulfstream on Saturday going Milena sixteenth. You know, what were your impressions of this performance because I got some feelings about this horse. I mean, it looked good visually. But you know, when I sat down to make the figures, and for the workout I gave them a higher figure than buyer when you of look at the two scales we use by good ten points. But it's still not that great. And you know, I get a lot of the people saying, well, you know, he was eased up Lii. And and while it's true. Maybe he could have run faster. He probably could have that doesn't necessarily translate the meaning he could run faster with a tougher trip. Which is almost sure to have next time. He comes. I mean, it doesn't get a whole lot easier. Nece he was three to five standard deviation. Look to be only real competition. And I wasn't overly impressed with that one coming in. He ran just okay, not not a horse. I'd won't go and forward being you know, Chad Brown, he's probably always going to take money. So that just definitely not blown away by this race. I'll be looking to bet against him wherever he shows up. Next. Yeah. I mean, I guess you're not going to get some of the hate mail that the buyer people get that speed bigger because it seems like people really love this horse. Yeah. I think the one oh seven to speed figure. It makes it makes enough sense. I I don't think how I don't see how you could go any higher than that. As you were saying just based on the fact that standard deviation was second. I mean while he did or net. Great one placing a two year old. He just never ran a really fast race. Maybe these horses are improving at this time of year. But you look at the third place finisher to actually another son of curl. And it's funny. If you look at the top finishers in this race there all by curl out of Apia delined dams. I guess they're all print run all day. And that's one of the reasons that people are so excited global campaign because he's got his pedigree, the half dible Doro. He's just bred to get the classic distances. But you know, it's hard to justify based on the time speed figure being anywhere close to exceptional. He's going to have to run a lot faster to be competitive in the graded stakes races. That are going to be running. Or he's going to have to earn his points to get into races. Like, the Kentucky Derby, and I've seen some people talking about comparison to the slower allowance race that always dreaming grand before he won the Florida derby. But I think there are some major distinctions to make before you kind of condone a comparison like that because always dreaming Reynolds low-speed figure because he set a ridiculously slow pace something you can't do on dirt and earn a fast speed figure. They went the half and like fifty one this report is one sixteen when he won that allowance race, which just ludicrous. If you're trying to run a fast final time, it's impossible. Global campaign Seddon on his pace he was sort of geared down at the end. But like you were saying, I don't think he could have run that much faster. I didn't like that standard deviation who had been in a drive for threes of a mile was getting him at the end of that race. Even though he was kind of the winner was being eased up under the wire. Yeah. I don't really buy into the back that he's that. He's run a lot faster. And to me this worst does a lot to prove. And if he's gonna get bed the way, he wasn't this feature worshiping forward. I've got to be against him in the future. Yeah. And I'm with you. And especially when I look at a horse who I think we're going to talk about next dream maker who won an allowance rates at the fairgrounds, which I personally thought was way more impressive than global campaigns. And I haven't heard a whole lot about this. He got a one thirteen from me in his first rate since back in October. But he just looked really good doing it. He was wide throughout the race. Especially on the first turn, which is usually a tough trip to overcome. He showed he's able to rate. And if you just gave me these two courses and said you had to pick one next. I would take dream maker every time I am totally on the same page issue. I had not even really been aware that this horse was returning. I didn't I didn't notice this race ahead of time. It was just kind of combing through some of the charts to talk about for the podcast and I noticed this race. And I remember this horse from last year at Saratoga. I think he read in the hopeful. And there's a lot of hype around him. I think he was originally got around the Saratoga special before they changed course. Maybe there was. Setback or something. But I remember Mark Cassie had really liked this horse. There was a lot of hype around him. The hopeful didn't play to his running style because dominated on the front end. And if you watch his Futurity from last year, his final starts Chiro. He just got completely eliminated at the start of a slam between horses had to steady really badly. And just in that thirteen Horsfield or whatever it was. He had no chance after that. So his two year old campaign was just kind of a bust, but they had really liked this horse. And I thought the same thing you did. I love the way he was powering the stretch at the fairgrounds in this race. You know, he was up stalking pace that you know, it wasn't slow, but it was honest enough. And I think it's worth noting the torture finish second and third. They came from last and second last I mean, it was a pace that pretty much fell apart behind this horse. And I mean, he finished up really strongly over track seemed pretty dead at the fairgrounds that one thirteen time former SP figuring what stacks up very well against some of these great stakes horses at this time of year. And he's got an awesome, pedigree that second beautiful pleasure. She was a champion back. In the late nineties. I think this one's got some real potential. Am excited to see where it goes from here these horses actually global campaign and maker they might meet up next in the Tampa Bay derby because given the way the timing works. I think Marquette even mentioned that raises a potential target. So it'll be interesting to see if we get to compare these horses in the future. Yeah. Well, I think we have risen star's obviously too too soon. That's next week. So yeah. Hopefully, that would be I like that as a better, you know, you always wanna see if you can validate your opinion at the window. Yeah. Well, that was the three world cult action. But there was a pretty exciting three year old filly in action at santee on Saturday, and that was Bill FINA, and she was super impressive and her return going seven furlongs at Santa Anita last month. I was really impressed by race. And I believe she got pretty high speed figure for that performance. She came back and stretch down to a mile in the Las Virginis, and she wasn't quite as visually. Impressive speed dropped off a little bit. What were your impressions of the race? Because I know some people came away a little disappointed. I thought it was just what she needed to be honest. I I wasn't blown away. But I didn't have a problem with the race. I mean, she won pretty easy. I was pretty impressed with the runner up. I think she's a horse. I'm going to guess at how you pronounce it L RAB. I don't know if that's right or not. I should've watched a replay. And seem would Frank said, but. Yes, she's an improving horse. So either one of those two going forward I like maybe at the longer distance next time, if they meet up, I might go the other way just based on price. But I think it's too promising Phillies there to both Trine by sharp guy. So I wouldn't be surprised to see both of those two in the starting gate for the oaks. I was probably a little bit too hard on this horse. When I I watched the race. Because initially I mean, she was what I think she was one to nine. It just seems a little disappointing that she had to really got out the victory of win by a little bit less than a length. In retrospect, you know, she did have a she did dole. With mother mother on the far turn. I doubt the pace was color coded ran. But you know. Yeah. They were going an honest cliff are walking on the front end and she did put mother-mother away. And like you said the runner up is a horse that could be improving seems like a horse that's gonna get better with distance. And that might be what's happening. My thing with Bill. Athena, is she's obviously very talented. I just get the sense that she's really just naturally fast horse. She's a horse that in the future is probably going to be best going like seven furlongs. Maybe like a one turn mile in the corn. I'm not yet convinced that she's really Kentucky oaks kind of horse. I don't know if she's going to want the to turn mile on an eighth. I know she's like this bigger impressive billion people just generally think that would get more distance and she's bread to do it, I suppose, but just give them what I've seen of her. I've seen so much brilliance in sprint races. And just not quite the same level

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